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June 3, 2008 at 9:42 am (Tuesday Ten)


Hello and welcome! It’s Day Three of SocNoc and I’m doing okay. No, I really mean that. Last week I kept alternating between hysterical giggles and periods of intense despair, but once Sunday hit, I took a tortoise-type view of it (instead of some of those crazy people who are doing it from the hare’s perspective), and things are going well. I do happen to think this period of wellness is more of a universal sense than just SocNoc, so my Tuesday Ten today is about the Crazy Good things that have been happening lately. Let’s rock on, shall we?


1.   The writing is going well, not only with SocNoc, but in general. I’m past the second turning point, and yesterday the girls sent up several wonderful scenes, all around a central occurrence. They escalate the tension, create more conflict (both external and internal), and throw the ticking clock into sharp relief. After those scenes comes a sequence I’ve got more or less figured out, then some gray areas, then the Big Black Moment and downhill ride, all planned out in my head. (And on paper—I know better than to trust my head.) Whee!


2.   I got my order from Amazon yesterday, which includes my copy of Jess Riley’s Driving Sideways, and the first three graphic novels of The Astonishing X-Men, as written by Joss Whedon. I am in print heaven!


(This next one you have to promise not to make fun of me before you read.)

3.   Earlier this year, I finally listened to the thousands of romance readers and writers who have raved about Loretta Chase’s book, Lord of Scoundrels, and picked up a copy. They were all right—this book is fabulous, wonderful, amazing and will make you cry in realizing most of us mere mortals will never be able to wield a pen (or keyboard) this way. So enchanted was I, an immediate trip to the bookstore to pick up Lord Perfect was necessitated. Could lightning strike twice? Oh yes, it did. I was gasping before I left page one. Being a bona-fide fan, I finally did what any other fan would do—I checked out her webpage. Your Scandalous Ways came out last week? Rapture! But here’s the really good news—Loretta (I can call her that since we’re such close and personal friends) does a group blog with Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverly, Edith Layton, Patricia Rice, Sarah Gabriel, and Susan Holloway Scott. How could I not have known about this wonderful, lush, incredible collection of writers before?


4.   I’m one step away from ordering my webpage. All I have to do is decide which template I want to start with and then press the button. I’ve got some pretty good choices, all that will make me happy to have my name on and I’m getting itchy to order it and start diving in to the customizing. My goal of having a basic webpage set up before Nationals is coming closer to being checked off. And as soon as it’s ready, it’ll be unveiled here first.


5.   Between SocNoc and Will Write for Wine and blogging and The Cherries, I’m building a fabulous network full of amazing friends, readers and writers. I feel blessed beyond chocolate and thank each and every one of you. Mwah!


6.   Saturday morning, the girls gifted me with a very fleshed-out idea for a YA book. We’re talking hook, theme and arc, characters, plot directions, turning points—it was all there in one form or another. Now, you may be asking yourself, “But Pam, I don’t remember you ever talking about YA except for a few books you recommended. I didn’t know you wanted to write it.” And you’re right! I’ve got enough not only planned between the para-lite-rom-com and my tortured historicals, but with my other “stuff on the horizon” that I was assured of projects for years and years to come. But this sounds like a fun book, one that really weaves together a lot of what makes me go “ooh!” and then wraps it with a big brocade bow. It’s playing in deep in the dirt for now, so we’ll see what happens, but if my brains do start leaking out of my ears, you’ll know why.



Well, I’m sorry to say the Tuesday Ten has turned into the Tuesday Six. Nothing else is jumping to mind and rather than force four more entries, I’m going to do the merciful thing and stop the list. This is just for today and falls under the SocNoc rules of The Blog’s Going to be a Little Thin This Month. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Here, let me distract you with something cute (and Australian, in honor of SocNoc):


















There, don’t you feel better now?


  1. Robin said,

    Hi Pam! Happy Tuesday and Happy Day Three! And man, I’m just so happy so many good things are happening for you!

    1. Yay on the writing! You rock! Keep it up! *pom pom swish*
    2. You’re gonna love it!
    3. Um, how can I possibly make fun of you when, um, I haven’t read Loretta Chase. Guess I better add her to my list. Have fun blogging with her!
    4. Congrats on the webpage! That is awesome! Can’t wait to see it!
    5. I think I love you.
    6. I’ve no doubt you can write whatever you set your mind to! How exciting! And I’ll be there to help clean up any brain linkage. I mean what are friends for?

  2. Caryn Caldwell said,

    You only had six, but they were well-fleshed-out, so I think it counts. You still wrote more words here than I’ve written on my novel all day (though I’m planning to remedy that shortly).

    1. Woohoo on the writing success! It such an amazing feeling when your book starts to take shape, isn’t it?
    2. I’m sure you’ll love Driving Sideways! It’s been such a blast to read so far. 🙂
    3. Actually, thanks for the recommendation. I try to read a wide variety of books, and my historical romance selection is on a recommendation-only basis since I don’t know the good ones. I’ll have to check hers out.
    4. I’m so excited to see your web page! Of course, once you have yours I’m going to have to try extra hard to resist having my own. It’s so, so tempting.
    5. “Blessed beyond chocolate” — I love it! And I’m really enjoying all the people I’ve met through blogging and the Wiffer forums, too.
    6. Come to the dark side, Pam! You know you want to! Seriously, I am LOVING writing YA. It’s so much fun. I feel like I can really let loose. I think you’d have a blast with it, too.

  3. Carat said,

    “group blog with Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverly, Edith Layton, Patricia Rice, Sarah Gabriel, and Susan Holloway Scott.”

    What! Immediately clicks link and drools all over her key board.

    Is it bad that looking at that picture I said “Ooh, yellow sweater! Oh and that’s a kangaroo!”

  4. Melissa Blue said,

    Oh, give me some of your writing mojo. Also, I heard about Lord of Scoundrels through some very valuable writing advice. And your six Crazy Good list was fan-tab.

    But really send me some of your writing mojo.

  5. Ilana said,

    1. I got my autographed copy of Driving Sideways! I’m saving it for the move next week when I will be inbetween library cards.
    2. I have gotten a lot of good book recommendations from blogs and WWfW.
    3. Careful with that web page. Sure its fun, but it can suck time and you’re in SocNoc!
    4. Go SocNocers!
    5. I’m trying to feed off the SocNoc enthusiasm and tell myself that by the end of the month I will have the next book plotted and ready to start (I plot the outline first, then pants it and end up in different places…)
    6. Tuesday Two? Just for the month?

  6. Pam said,

    I send beeg keeses to all of yous. Mwah!!!

  7. Marilyn Brant said,

    Awww, that picture is so cute!! (You really did distract me. 🙂 You’ve got me itching to read Loretta Chase now, btw. I was already a fan of Edith Layton and Jo Beverly…so I’ll have to check out their group website, too.

    Keep up the great work on SocNoc!

  8. Kyle said,

    1- Yay for the writing going well! You guys are so inspiring to me, and put me to shame as well! Just listening to you talk about your own writing makes me want to go and work on my own stuff!
    2- LOVE Joss Whedon. I need to buy the Buffy “The Chosen Collection”, and I already have Firefly and Serenity! I’m looking forward to his new show The Dollhouse, have you heard of it?
    3- Sorry, I have no idea who this is!
    4- Oooh, you’ll love Love LOVE having your own website. I did the same scramble for Maui last year, and it was well worth it!
    5- The network is VERY important, I feel. We could all use the support!
    6- Don’t you just love it when that happens? But then you remember everything else you’ve got planned and wonder when you can POSSIBLY fit in this new idea! You read my one post, I’m going to die before I complete all of my projects! I hope you fare better than me!

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what SocNoc is?

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