June 13, 2008 at 12:03 pm (Random Thoughts, Writing)

Yes, I am still alive. I know those of you wonderful, patient, divine people who are still checking back in hopes that some words, any words, be posted here are happy to hear that. And I am happy to say it.


I did have my first brain leakage on Tuesday night. (I’m such a wuss.) Only 10 days into SocNoc and I start stumbling like Tonya Harding kneecapped me. Obviously I’m more of a distance writer than a sprinter. I am still writing, still aiming high, and am tickled I’m taking part in this writing challenge. You see, I’ve always wondered about doing NaNo, especially after the Wiffers had such a strong showing this year, but had rationalized it away with “getting ready for the holidays and all.” June had no holidays (or at least any I had to get ready for) so it was a great time to try a 30 day writing sprint (or as I referenced it to Caryn, 30 Days of Write. I thought it was funny.)


Am I going to finish my book in June? Not without enough Red Bull to power Chicago and a carefree abandonment of Montana, my job and sanity. But that’s okay, finishing the book was never my goal, I just wanted the accountability and support to get on a good writing pace, and I’ve found that. Woot for me! I know I’ve totally slacked off (forsaken is such an ugly word) on blogging and visiting other blogs, and I’ll pick that up again—I promise!—but the book is always going to come first. (Protect the writing, as the venerable Jenny Crusie would say.) I hope to return the gift of patience and support to all of you when you’re writing like fiends and my brains have returned to solid form.


So on other, lighter thoughts, in addition to writing a bunch, I’ve had a tremendous week with other areas of writing. I got to see Laurell K. Hamilton (and have her sign 2 books) and am thrilled and delighted to say that she’s very charismatic! I even got my picture taken with her for posterity—of course since I’m 5’8” she only comes up to my shoulder and I look like a freak of nature by comparison, but guess who she’s gonna call when she needs the cookies on the top shelf? Not me, that’s who.


Then, two days later, got to hear Lee Child, who I’ve not read, but Montana really likes. I learn something at every author event I go to and since Montana braved Susan Elizabeth Philips with me a few years ago and got targeted by her for the man’s view when it came to some questions, I certainly owed him. Yes, it was fabulous and I learned something. Dang, I love these events!


Some really fun news is I’ve purchased/ordered/claimed a website and played with it last weekend. As I’ve promised before, when it’s up, I’m posting it here first, so be on the lookout in the next few weeks. And the great thing is, it’s really fun! I giggled most of last weekend on a residual high from playing in my spot in cyberspace. (And now I can get my business cards—that’ll be goal #2 I can accomplish before Nationals.)


I think that’s it. I hope you’re having a great month. I certainly am.  And, since my usual zinger of an ending is so obviously missing, I think I’ll end with a cartoon. After all, distraction is the highest form of flattery.




  1. Melissa Blue said,

    “She’s her own mother.” Snort. And consider yourself brave for even signing up for something as insane as writing a whole novel in a month. You’ve made considerable progress than if you hadn’t joined. So,double Woot for you.

  2. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Pam, whether or not you do the 55,000 words this month, you’ve set an admirable pace, and think how much you’ve gotten written that you didn’t have before.

    Oh, and I am jealous to the point of insanity that you got to see S.E.P. I think I probably *would* trade hubs for such an opportunity! But then he *is* well over six feet tall, so I do need him around to get those cookies for me.

    And, finally, I liked 30 Days of Write, too. It’s cute.

  3. Caryn Caldwell said,

    P.S. Need I even bother to ask why this post is called Ketchup? Or maybe it’s obvious and I just missed it since I’m suffering my own brain leakage. And if there’s no connection, that’s good, too, since I’m fond of randomness.

  4. Marilyn Brant said,

    Hey, welcome back! I missed your posts (and, hey, that Tonya Harding simile was hilarious :-). Looking forward to seeing the new website when it’s up and running!

  5. Robin said,

    Boy, even with brain leakage you manage to dazzle me with your posts! I’m so happy that the writing is going well! Yay, Pam! *pom pom swish* And no matter the word count, your increased pace is worthy of a second *pom pom swish.* Okay, ouch, my own SoCNocing has left my body rather stiff from sitting so long at the computer – but you’re worth the cheer! 🙂

    I don’t consider myself as sharp as you or Caryn, but I loved the title Ketchup! Thought it was genius. I’m thinking you meant it like “Catch up” since you haven’t been here for a little while. Am I right? Because I could most definitely be wrong as I’m not only suffering from brain leakage but the first day of summer vacation. Youngest has already told me he’s bored. Ugh.

  6. Kyle said,

    Hey, don’t worry about the blogging if your in “Genius Mode”! I’m glad someone’s getting some writing done…!

    I LOVE going to author events. I go to every one I can. I actually hosted an event with Michael Cunningham (The Hours) and got to interview him on stage and hang out with him during the signing! I also got to see Stephen King, JK Rowling and John Irving in NYC… One of my favorites was Denis Lehane. Many more, too!!!

    I’m actually going to meet Lee Child next month at ThrillerFest… how was he? I”ve never read anything by him either, but I’ve heard he’s good!

    What other author events have you been to?

  7. Montana said,

    “Thirty days of Write,” snort. That’s a Kung Fu Pun-da!

  8. Montana said,

    P.S. Kyle, Lee Child is an entertaining speaker, and listening to him describe his Turbo Jag and house in the South of France was enough to make my mouth water. But what I really liked was him describing how he began his literary career AFTER the BBC fired him. Sweet revenge, eh?

    I’m jealous of your meeting Stephen King and J.K. Rowling–two of the titans of our time!
    Have fun at ThrillerFest, wish it would come back to Phoenix.

    Best reading ever? For me, hands down, Christopher Moore.

  9. Ilana said,

    Hang in there – you’ll be bummed when its over.

    Glad I didn’t join in. Brain fried by move. Only a gazillion more boxes to open. Then I either have to find places for all this stuff or have a big garage sale…..

  10. Kyle said,

    Montana – Haha. I didn’t get to meet Jo and Steve, I got to SEE them. I WOULD HAVE DIED. But I was THIS CLOSE to them!

    And may we all one day have Turbo Jags and Houses in the South of France. Amen.

  11. Caryn Caldwell said,

    I’m with Montana on Christopher Moore’s books making great reading. One of the best audio books I’ve ever listened to, in fact, was It’s a Dirty Job, which was hilarious and so well-read. And now I feel silly, because I think Robin’s right about Ketchup = Catch up. Right?

  12. Pam said,

    Melissa–I’m glad you liked my cartoon. It just cracked me up! (And this is probably the only writing challenge I’ll do, unless the next one is sponsored by Dove chocolate!)

    Caryn–I adore SEP. You should go to her “Secrets of the Bestselling Sisterhood” seminar with Jayne Ann Krentz in San Fran. It’s priceless! (And I see you got the ketchup thing, so I’ll let that one go. 😉 )

    Marilyn–it’s so nice to be missed! I promise not to go so long next time–I just missed it too much. And the website is getting closer and closer!

  13. Pam said,

    Robin–I just love your pom pom swishes! They make me smile each and every time! And you can say what my parents said when we said we were bored. “Read a book!” Think it worked? 😉

    Kyle–I am so jealous that you’re going to Thrillerfest! Lee Child is wonderful and I haven’t even read him. Someday I’m going to do a post on top signings and we can compare notes! (We’ll even get Montana to play!)

    Montana–thanks for the snort. I’m now cracking up when I see the ads for Kung Fu Panda. And I have you to thank for introducing me to Christopher Moore (speaking of fabulous signings!!!)

  14. Pam said,

    Ilana–there’s always a writing challenge–you got to move into your new house, fresh with possibilities. How exciting! I’m so thrilled for you! And I hope you didn’t do what we did–packed it a moved it just to discover you didn’t need it and threw it away! Yeesh!

    Kyle–double Amen!!!

    Caryn–I love Lamb, probably one of my top 5 or 10 books, all time. I need to read more Moore (snort), but I’m in a historical mood lately. When I start back with my rom-com-para-lite, I’ll probably dive back in.

  15. Robin said,

    Oh I wish he’d read a book, Pam! My younger son hates to read. 😦 But the older one, he’s a voracious reader! Just like mom (and dad). 🙂

  16. Jess said,

    I loved that cartoon.

    And can I say how awesome your writing goal is? Yes, I think I will. It’s awesome. 🙂

  17. Sandra said,

    I’m totally impressed with the writing goal. You go, girl.

    It’s sounds like you’re headed to national. Have a great time.

    As for websites, I’m right there with you. Now, if I can just get all the pesky links to work life will be sweet.

    Happy writing.

  18. Pam said,

    Aw, thank you, Jess. Cheerleading is always welcome! 🙂

    Sandra–again, aww! (I’m blushing here–really.) Yes, I’m heading to Nationals and can’t wait. I’m guessing you won’t be there–maybe we can meet another conference.

    And I didn’t forget about you, Robin. Is the reader the baseball player or is that the non-reader. (I’m guessing Killer Lefty is the baseball player, but I’m not even going to guess on Chick Magnet!) 😉

  19. Katie Reus said,

    Oooh, starting a new website is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Your cartoon made me snort out loud. I think I scared a few people 🙂

  20. Melissa Blue said,

    Dove Chocolate Sponsor? I think every writer would come out of the wood work to do that challenge.

    And, if I’m correct it is now only 42 days left!!!!!

  21. Robin said,

    Yes, the reader is the baseball player. (But shh! Don’t tell any of his teammates. He’s got an image to uphold that for some reason does not include reading things besides sports or car magazines.)

  22. Kyle said,

    Robin – How old is the one who doesn’t like to read and what are his interests? Maybe I can make a few suggestions… 🙂

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