And The Checkered Flag Goes To…

October 3, 2008 at 8:49 am (Events, Writing)


I finished my dark historical Wednesday night. It wasn’t a pretty ending, but an ending there was. (Thank God for editing.)

If you want to know what this past week looked like, here it is:

Yup, right down to being flipped upside down and losing a tire. But I crossed the finish line.

Hooray for me.



  1. Kyle said,

    WOOHOO!!! CONGRATULATIONS, PAM!!! That’s so exciting! No wonder you haven’t been around lately, who could blame you? You were FINISHING YOUR BOOK!

    Editing can be a real pain in the ass, but the book is always better for it, whatever we might think!

    *pops a bottle of wine”

    You in?

  2. Alyson Noel said,

    Huge Congrats to YOU!
    Major Major Accomplishment!

  3. pamwritesromance said,

    Thanks, Kyle–I did kinda check out so I could get the dang thing finished. Pshew–what a relief! But, I love it so much I’m looking forward to editing! And I may not have some wine (though I appreciate the thought!), but I will be celebrating. Stay tuned…

    Alyson–thanks! This is #5, so I’m hoping it’s my lucky number. 🙂

  4. Montana said,

    Your Fifth Book. I’m so proud of you. Maybe the week felt like a car wreck to you, but if I had to chose a video for you it’d be a running back crossing the goal line in spite of all the bastards trying to drag her down. You did it. Now spike that ball!

  5. coffeegirl88 said,

    Congrats on the finish! Enjoy the feeling of the finish, not all of us get there.

  6. L.A. Mitchell said,

    Aren’t we a pair?! WAHOO! Way to go, Pam 🙂
    If you still love it and can’t wait to go back and edit it that’s such a healthy perspective. You can’t help but make it shine.

  7. pamwritesromance said,

    Montana–Mwah! Thanks, babe. You’re the best.

    Coffee–you will soon and then we’ll all be cheering you. 😀

    L.A.–Yeah, but you had a cute kitty picture to show your finish. I had a car wreck! 😉

  8. Marilyn Brant said,

    YAY, Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So proud of you! Way to go!!

  9. Carat said,

    Yay! So are you going to turn NANO into your editing month?

  10. Robin said,

    Congrats, Pam! *pom pom swish* That’s wonderful! Happy revising!

  11. pamwritesromance said,

    Marilyn–thanks! This one felt good. 😀

    Carat–No, I learned through SocNoc I’m not a writing challenge kind-of gal. I’ve already started editing and hope to get a pass or two done by January 1st. Then we’ll see what happens.

    Robin–thanks for the cheer. I’d better get into gear on revising because a certain writing partner of mine threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t get going on this historical. 😉

  12. Melissa Blue said,

    Big Huge Congrats on the finish. Writing THE END is the best. Don’t worry too much about NY. They’ll be beating down your door soon.

  13. pamwritesromance said,

    Melissa–thanks, sweetie! From your lips to God’s ears! 😀

    (And sorry I’ve been out of touch–between a wonky internet and a little trip to celebrate end of said book, I’ve been away. Many apologies!)

  14. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Sorry for the delayed response. My computer’s been out of commission. Still, I wanted to congratulate you — yet again! — on reaching the finish line on this one. Hope revisions are as painless as, well, revisions can possibly be.

  15. Heidi Betts said,

    Congrats, Pam!!!! I know exactly how that feels…both the relief of finishing a new book & the rolling over & losing tires part. ROTF

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