I Don't Love Anna Campbell Because She Gave Me Chocolate

December 15, 2008 at 9:54 am (Authors)


I don’t love Anna Campbell because she keeps a lucky penny I gave her on her desk.

I don’t love Anna Campbell because her path to publication is so inspirational that it should be a book of its own.

And I don’t love Anna Campbell because she gave me chocolate.


Well…maybe a little bit of that last one, but I digress.


Truth be told, I love her for all of that, plus the hours of reading enjoyment she’s given me with her fabulous, emotional, gripping, amazing books, and she’s such a dang nice person I dare anybody not to fall in love with her. Allow me to explain.


I had picked up a copy of Anna’s first book, Claiming the Courtesan, in the summer of 2007. In the sweets shop of romance books, it was dark chocolate with a truffle center. This book was so richly emotional, so deeply textured with fears and vulnerabilities, so old-school historical with a fresh, new voice, that I was instantly a fan. When Untouched came out last November, it was in my eager little hands before Borders had even finished turning their cash registers on. Another home run for Anna. And when I heard she had double finaled in the RITAs this year, the only thing I could say was, “Yup. I won that bet, hands down.”


So, knowing I was going to be in San Francisco at the RWA National Convention, and knowing Anna was going to be, I stopped lurking on her blog, and actually made a comment. She had posted about the souvenirs she was going to be looking for in the city by the bay, and asked her readers what type souvenirs they liked. I’m a stamped penny gal—you know those machines? Put a penny in (along with 2 quarters), pick a design, spin the handle, and voila! For $.51, you now have a lovely souvenir. I mentioned this and Anna replied in such a lovely and heartfelt way, I knew I had a mission.


I grabbed Montana and we went to one of the local penny machines, and I got three pennies—an Arizona one and a Lucky Penny one for Anna, and a Lucky Penny for me. At the literacy signing the Wednesday of the conference, I got to give my pennies to Anna and she was so excited that I became a superfan right then and there. Then she gave me 2 Cadbury Carmello Koalas that she had brought from Australia (Montana got one, too!) and it was all I could do not to hug her and never let go. She is warm and cheerful and nice and just delightful. Combine that with the fabulous books she writes and you officially have “The Full Package” when you’re talking about Anna Campbell.


So when the little countdown timer on my computer warned me that it was just a few weeks until Anna’s next release, I knew I had to tell everybody in the Pam Writes Romance world all about it. Tempt the Devil comes out Tuesday, December 30th and this is a book you’re not going to want to miss. (And I know what I’m talking about—Romantic Times gave it a 4½ stars, TOP PICK! And New York Times bestseller Eloisa James says, “Truly, deeply romantic. There are too few books like that in the world.”) I’m going to be talking about it more on Friday’s post, including a fun interview with “The Full Package” herself, so mark your calendars now, but since I pride myself on being a little bit of a Full Service Blog, I’m going to do something extra special for my readers.


Now, with the release of Tempt the Devil, I know what most of you are thinking, because I thought the same thing. “But Pam—Anna’s book really does sound fabulous and I have a friend/sister/mother/myself who would love it, but it comes out 5 days after Christmas! How can I wrap an empty space and put it under the tree?”


Here’s how.


That’s right. Download this handy-dandy little Christmas gift certificate and you can give one of the most amazing books of 2008 without having to wrap an empty box and put it under the tree! And when you’re at the store, you can get one for yourself, too! (Isn’t that the rule of Christmas—one for you, one for me? Works for eggnog, fudge, cookies, candy canes, sexy books…) And, if you’re the type who has to have something solid to wrap, you can always get Claiming the Courtesan or Untouched and put one of those RITA nominated books under the tree. It’s a win-win!


So go check out Anna’s site, print out the gift certificate (or pre-order from Amazon) and come back on Friday. We’ll be talking super powers, quiz shows and fairy tales.


Because, of course, there’s going to be a happy ending. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



  1. jeniferm said,

    You should own a book store. You’re awesome at hand selling books! I’m going to go find me a copy of one of the already-in-print books ASAP.

  2. Kristi said,

    Hi Pam! Kristi from Robin’s blog. Hmm…Hadn’t read Anna Campbell, but your description of “so old-school historical with a fresh, new voice” sounds intriguing. WIll have to put her on my to-read list. BTW, for our own book exchange, you can email me at the address on this post (assuming you can find it…don’t think it shows up on the actual blog comments list that I can read), or at britelord (same domain) so we can exchange mailing addresses. Picking something for you will be a fun challenge 🙂

  3. pamwritesromance said,

    Jenifer–what can I say? When I love a book I want everybody to know about it and Anna has 2 (almost 3) wonderful books! You’ll love them–perfect for curling up with during your cold, cold winter! 🙂

    Kristi–Hi!!! *waves* That was the only way I could describe her–the best of old-school yet fresh and new. Stephanie Laurens called her “regency noir”–I love that phrase! And I will be emailing you about the exchange very soon. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  4. Marilyn Brant said,

    Ohhh, you’ve hooked me, Pam! Really–your description of Anna’s writing as “dark chocolate with a truffle center” was just for ME, wasn’t it?! Say no more. I need no further reason to go book shopping… Looking forward to Friday!

  5. pamwritesromance said,

    Marilyn–yes, all chocolate references are dedicated to you! 😉 I’ll try and slip in some extra on Friday for some extra Anna goodness!!!

  6. Robin said,

    Okay, so I’ve had Claiming the Courtesan in my TBR pile forever! I met Anna briefly in Dallas because she’s a friend of one of my LARA chapter mates. She is truly delightful! Plus I have a soft spot for Aussies as one of my dearest friends is one. Anyways, it’s time to read the book now! How can I not with such a glowing review from you? Great picture of the two of you! Can’t wait for Friday!

  7. edie17 said,

    Pam, I love the “dark chocolate with a truffle center” description too! I’ve been wanting to read a good historical romance. This is on my list.

    Funny thing, but this is turning into a 4-degrees-of-separation comment! You came to my blog from Robin’s. I came to yours. And at my group blog, Magical Musings, Anna Campbell is our guest blogger on Thursday!

  8. Pam said,

    Robin–I really think you’re gonna love Anna’s writing, and as you said, she’s delightful, too! Let us know what you think of CTC! 🙂

    Edie–how funny! Now everybody’s going to head over to your blog on Thursday, then back here on Friday! And then you’re going to have to come back and tell us how you like whichever wonderful book you pick! 😀

  9. L.A. Mitchell said,

    Word of mouth…I’ve heard fabulous things about Claiming the Courtesan, but never got around to reading it. Now I must! Great post, Pam 🙂

  10. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Okay, Pam, you haven’t steered me wrong on historicals yet, so I’ll have to give some of hers a try. Thanks for the recommendation. And I absolutely love the idea of the gift certificate. How smart!

  11. pamwritesromance said,

    L.A.–Let us know how you like it! (Based on your blog, I’ve got a little bet with myself about how much you’ll love it!) 🙂

    Caryn–wunderbar! If anybody uses that gift certificate, they’ll have to post here. Maybe I’ll pick up a second profession! 😉

  12. Lainey Bancroft said,

    Your enthusiasm is wonderfully contagious. I’ve bee off historicals for a while, but Robin very kindly sent me a couple and now I have a real taste for them again. Anna’s books sound great. Must follow up her interviews!

  13. Katie Reus said,

    I still haven’t read her, but apparently I need to. I don’t read a lot of historicals and I’m picky about the ones I do, but if you, Eloisa James, and RT rate her that wonderful, I’ll pick her up 🙂

  14. pamwritesromance said,

    Lainey–I hope you like her! I’ll have some of her links along with my interview tomorrow so you can find out all about her. Let us know if you take the plunge! 😉

    Katie–I know–a quote by Eloisa James?!? May the gods curse me so. Let us know what you think! 😉

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