So This Is What 2009 Looks Like…

January 8, 2009 at 9:46 am (Events, Random Thoughts, Virtual Gems, Writing)

scopingSo this is 2009.

So far, it looks  pretty good, doesn’t it? It was nice to hear New Year wishes from you and I hope you’re all getting back in the swing of “real life.” Yesterday was the first day in three weeks I didn’t get to go home at 2:00 on a Wednesday and get a 4-day weekend after that, so I think that means I’m back in the swing. (Actually, the fact that I didn’t burst into tears and throw a monumental hissy fit meant I was back in the swing, but let’s just keep moving on, shall we?)

If you’re like me, or like many of the people out there (except for Marilyn Brant), January is a time for new thoughts, new plans, and new goals. In one of my writing forums, I was asked for my 2009 goals, so I thought I’d also post them here, because let’s face it–you people are great at keeping me honest.

(Speaking of Marilyn, check out her new website. It’s fabulous!)

Goal #1–Finish editing and polishing the dark historical I wrote last year (Submission title of ONLY A KISS, but I’ll always think of it as BROKEN) and get it out in the spring. My original goal was April 1st, but I’m giving myself leeway to go to May 1st or June 1st. If I don’t tell myself it’s okay to go past the goal date, I’ll push it and send out a not-ready book. That falls under a “Bad Mr. Bingles!” Plus, I adore this book and want to give it every opportunity to shine and glow and get picked up in a 6-figure auction. (Hey, goals are goals.)

Goal #2–As soon as I start BROKEN in the agent dance, I’ll need to start my next book. Do I know what that is yet? No. Do I have 6 bazillion ideas? Yes. Are any of them talking to me? Not yet. I’ve got until the spring, so we’ll see what the girls send up before then.

Goal #2a–Finish Book #6 (see Goal #2) by the end of the year.

Goal #3–Get my website changed to match the darker and richer historical I’ll be pitching rather than the frothy comedic women’s fiction that it had started it under. Minor change, but needs to be done.

Truth be told, that’s about it for the goals. Goal #3 is a gimme and really shouldn’t be on there, but I do like checking things off my list, so that’s a reward for me. Simply put, I want to get BROKEN out and get signed. Rinse and repeat, right? Nationals, finishing my writing space, blogging more–they’re not as much goals as on my task list. For goals, I firmly believe the quote by Robert Browning: “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” If my reach isn’t exceeding my current grasp, then they’re not goals. Goals are something you have to believe in, to want, to wring blood, sweat and tears out of every step in that path you chose. But that’s me. I’ve never done things the easy way–just ask Montana.

And, for little-bitty updates, here’s how life is going with me right now:

  • Slowly savoring Anna Campbell’s TEMPT THE DEVIL. Dang, that girl is good. When my historical gets picked up (notice the positive statement there–not ‘if’ but ‘when’), I’m going to have to give some credit to her for really pushing the historical genre back into place!
  • Getting my next guest blogger lined up and I am SO excited! If you like sassy, scorchingly sexy contemporaries, stay tuned!
  • Watching season 2 of THE TUDORS and getting set to watch season 3 of CHARMED. We just started season 7 of BUFFY (again), so I’m getting some great snacks and treats for the girls to munch on. Never underestimate watching a great tv show or movie and its power on your creativity.logl
  • Looking forward to feeding my inner geek at an upcoming ComiCon. You want to think outside the box? Find a local or regional comic, alternative fiction, gaming or anime con and just go.  Hi, my name is Pam and I’ve loved the X-Men since I was 10.

So that’s it for now. I wish each and every one of you an amazing, successful, happy and peaceful 2009. Go forth and conquer!

(Sorry–looks like geek girl is already making her appearance. Maybe I should get a cape…)



  1. Katie Reus said,

    Those are some really great goals! I’m sure the idea for story #2 will hit you before you know it 🙂

  2. alyson noel said,

    I’m just about to start Buffy season 7 too!! Though it’s the first time around for me!
    Best of luck on hitting all of your goals!

    Happy 2009!

  3. Pam said,

    Katie–thanks for the ‘atta girl. Of course I’ll post something when I finally figure out what the heck my next story is! (And to everybody else, check out Katie’s new blog site–it is sooo pretty!)

    Alyson–you’re gonna love it, I promise! And when you’re done, come over and we’ll all dish, right Melissa?!? 😉

  4. Robin said,

    I think 2009 looks really good for you, Pam! And I look forward to hearing about all of your successes!

  5. pamwritesromance said,

    Robin–aw, thanks! And being only one state away, you’ll be able to hear me squeeing from there anytime I get a good email or (cross fingers) call! 😉

  6. L.A. Mitchell said,

    I hope you achieve them all in record time. I can’t wait to meet you in DC. And our goal #1 sounds very similar. We’ll celebrate together when we’ve both done it.

  7. Marilyn Brant said,

    Aw, Pam, thanks for the website mention! I’ve been playing around with it and changing things so much in the past week, I’m not sure what it’s final look will be, but I’m really glad you like it so far :).

    And for goals, I wish the universe to create for you even greater success than you imagine for yourself… Happy 2009, my friend.

  8. Lainey Bancroft said,

    All great goals, Pam. Hope you cross ’em of the list lickety-split, (especially that six figure advance one) 🙂

  9. Caryn Caldwell said,

    I had to laugh when you wrote that you add gimmes to your to-do list. I do the same thing, just because I want something easy to cross off. Makes me feel productive. I’ve gone so far as to write shower on a list, just so I can cross something off.

    Good luck with those New Year goals!

  10. Pam said,

    L.A.–thanks! You and I will throw a joint party to mark our breakouts, how does that sound? We’ll invite Rick to sing and it’ll just be perfect! 😉

    Marilyn–how could I not? Your new website is wonderful–fresh and different, much like Ms. Austen herself! Not that you need it, but now you have a second career to fall back on! 😀

  11. Pam said,

    Lainey–yeah, I think I could stand crossing that six-figure goal off my list. You know, if I must… 🙂

    Caryn–It’s like priming the pump, isn’t it? Gets the blood flowing to cross a few off. Though sometimes I think shower is one of the hardest ones! 😀

  12. Heidi Betts said,

    Great goals for the New Year, Pam! I wish you much, much luck with them. Mine aren’t quite as well mapped out, unfortunately; mostly I have just made a mental note to try to read some of the authors who are on my TBR pile, but whom I’ve never actually tried before…& to maybe try to catch up with some of the connected books series I’ve started but dropped the ball on.

    Can’t wait to hear who your next guest blogger is. Just from your brief description, I must say, she sounds positively brilliant. *vbg*

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