Guest Post by the Amazing, Fabulous Heidi Betts!

January 27, 2009 at 9:46 am (Authors, Events, Virtual Gems)



heidi-colorHello, everyone!  And thank you so much, Pam, for inviting me to blog today.  I hope one day I get to return the favor. 😀


So I’m here to talk about my sexy, funny single title contemporary debut & the first book in the “Chicks with Sticks” knitting trilogy, TANGLED UP IN LOVE, which will be in stores on February 3rd.


And- Fate, because I truly believe that without it, this series would not exist.



Have you ever read the adorable children’s book FORTUNATELY by Remy Charlip?  unfortunatelyIt’s wonderful, & if you haven’t, you definitely, definitely should.  The path that led me to write TANGLED UP IN LOVE was so littered with Fortunately/Unfortunately situations that the book jumps immediately to mind every time I think of it.  I can’t tell you the number of times my agent began phone conversations with “Well, I have some good news & some bad news.”  Oh, how I came to loathe those words!  And when all was said & done, he got a copy of FORTUNATELY to add to his personal bookshelf, as well as stern orders never to use that phrase with me again. 😛


You see, I’ve always wanted to write romantic comedy, but the timing never seemed to work out for me.  (Unfortunately.)  Then I came up with this idea.  A brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  An idea I loved, & just knew was going to be a big hit.  I showed it to my agent.  He thought it was rather impressive, as well, & sent it immediately over to St. Martin’s Press, where an editor loved it.  (Fortunately!)  Unfortunately, they had another author already writing for them who was doing something similar (&^%#!), so she couldn’t make an offer.  Fortunately, she loved my writing & wanted to see something else.


It took me all of about two seconds to tell my agent that, yes, I would definitely be willing to work up a few more ideas…well, okay, ideas I had; it was proposals that would take a bit of time to flesh out.  He suggested I call the editor & talk to her about what she might be looking for.  Smart man.  Because, you see, it was during that conversation that she happened to mention how much she enjoys knitting, how popular knitting has becoming thanks to books like Kate Jacobs’s FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB, & how much she’d love to find a hot & sexy knitting romance unlike anything that had been done already.  (Hey, I write hot!  I write sexy!)  And then she uttered the eight words that changed my life:  I don’t suppose you know anything about knitting.”


I do!  I do know something about knitting!  As a matter of fact, when I first came home from college & announced to my parents that I wanted to write romance novels instead of becoming a teacher the way they’d expected, my mother taught me to knit so that I could sell dishcloths & bath mitts to local craft stores.  (It wasn’t much, but it satisfied my parents’ demand that I work while also allowing me time to stay home & write.)  Imagine my amusement when I realized that my knowledge of what I’d always considered simply a hobby might now open a wonderful new door in my writing career!


This was on a Friday, & I spent the entire weekend wracking my brain for hot, sexy knitting ideas.  By Monday morning, I had a one-page proposal ready that I thought did a pretty good job of fitting the bill.  It didn’t take long to hear back, & the news was all good this time.  (Fortunately!)  She—& everyone else at St. Martin’s—loved it.  In fact, they wanted me to turn that single idea into a trilogy.  The only instructions they gave me were to make it as sexy & funny as I possibly could.


So, you see, it was definitely Fate that led me down the knitting romance trail…& reminded me that sometimes what we want to happen isn’t necessarily as great as what’s meant to happen.  And I’m so very grateful that things worked out the way they did, because now I get to write three books about three amazingly fun couples I never would have met otherwise.


I finally get to spread my wings & write the hot, sexy, funny contemporary romance I’ve always wanted to write.


And now that I’ve had my chance to share, tell me what you think…  Do you believe in Fate—or as my agent would call it bashert (which is Yiddish for “it is as it should be”)?  Or are you more of a mind that life is just a series of random events dotted with coincidence, & no one is up there leading us to anything?


tangleduplgI can’t wait to hear your responses.  Thank you so much for spending the day with me, & for letting me voice my enthusiasm over TANGLED UP IN LOVE.  I’d love to invite everyone to visit my website—where you can read an excerpt for TANGLED to tide you over until the book hits shelves on February 3rd! J—my WIPs and Chains blog (a.k.a. The Dungeon), & my Must Love Yarn blog  to read more about TANGLED…or to simply chat & have fun!


Also, if Pam doesn’t mind, I’d love to give away three autographed books from my backlist to three commentors to today’s post.  (You have to scroll down the page a bit to see the full list of choices, & this does include the HOTTER THAN HELL anthology, even though it’s still positioned a bit higher than the others. :))



Love & stitches,

Heidi Betts



And a great big THANK YOU to Heidi for coming to visit today and for heramazing offer of giving away three of her fabulous books! I hope you all love her as much as I do and have next Tuesday, February 3rd marked on your calendar for the release of TANGLED UP IN LOVE. (Don’t worry, I may mention it here a time or two again…)




  1. Hollie said,

    Hi Pam and Heidi! I do believe in fate…and other little nudges…the most recent one was when my horoscope said that i should take a class..or a trip…that same day at work ,a free class was announced for cpr training at my work….i brought home the info..and while i was telling my hubby about it i came into our kitchen and he was choking…couldnt get a breath in or out…so i quickly gave him my version of the heimlich…and i saved him!..after he could breathe again..i called the number and signed up! I feel that karma had a hand in it…somethings you just cant ignore.

  2. Laura J said,

    Oh wow Hollie! It’s a good thing you were there and I’m glad you hubby is okay.

    I also believe in fate/karma. I’ve seen it happen. I had a boss who was horrible and I kept thinking someday it will all come back to her (she was my bosses boss and really treated her poorly when my boss was pregnant). It did. I really hope she learned something from it and she’s a better person now because of it.

    I’m so glad Heidi has lead me to your blog Pam–what fun!!! I’ll be here more often now!!

  3. Davina said,

    That’s such a fantastic story, Heidi! I love how weird little coincidences help to shape our lives 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d say I believe in fate, but maybe it’s just a case of semantics, since I do pretty much believe that if something’s meant to happen, it will. But I suppose I like to pick and choose a bit – if it’s a good thing, then it’s meant to be, and if it’s bad, then it’s just bad luck! (Either way, I’m not sure how well my opinions on the matter would hold up in debate.)

    Good luck with the release – I hope it goes wonderfully well for you 🙂

  4. Ellen Dye said,

    Hey Heidi!
    I’m waving at you again from snowy WV! You do an awesome interview, yes I do really mean that. And I love how you’ve shared the eight words that changed your life, I’ve had a few of those moments in life. And know what? Those seemingly random words, meetings and so on always, ALWAYS turn out to be the very best, most wonderful things to ever happen to me.

    And know what? I really know that Tangled hitting the shelves is going to be just the beginning of this Very Wonderful for you!


  5. alyson noel said,

    Hey Heidi-

    We share a book release date– coincidence?? 😀

    Best of luck on your book–it looks great!!


  6. Pam said,

    Hollie–*waves* Thanks for coming to visit–it’s great to see you! And what a freaky story about your CPR class–it just gives me chills! Now, if you see a class for investing and then find a lottery ticket, give me a call! 😀

    Laura J–*more waves* Hi! I’m so glad you came by! (Next time, I’m going to have to put on tea or something.) And I am totally with you on the karma thing–believing in it actually helps keep me calm for the butt-monkey who cuts me off in traffic. *sigh* See? Peace!

  7. Pam said,

    Davina–Hi!!! You seem like you’re more fatalistic, which IMHO, is very healthy. (And if you can find a way for me to impart it to certain extended family members who tend to be a bit hysterical, I will buy you anything you want!!!) Thanks for coming to visit–hope to see you again soon! 😉

    Ellen–*Waving from across the country.* (I didn’t know it snowed in WV–learn something every day!) And it’s so nice to hear that you’ve had some wonderful things touch your life. May 2009 continue in such a happy vein for you! Thanks for coming by!

  8. Robin said,

    Hi, Pam!

    Hi, Heidi! This was a great story. Thank you for sharing it. I believe that things happen when they’re supposed to happen. Sure, there’s steps we can take along the way to help make something come true, but I truly believe that *when* something is meant to be, that’s when it will be. No matter how much we may want it sooner – or later. Although really, who wants something later? So yes, I believe in fate, and also destiny. The hard part is having patience and keeping the faith.

    Best of luck with Tangled in Love and the series! It sounds terrific!

  9. Pam said,

    Alyson–EVERMORE is on my same Amazon order! I mean, c’mon–how can you resist a book with the hook “Enter an enchanting new world where true love never dies… ” As sassy as Heidi’s is, Evermore sounds just ethereal! It is going to be a fabulous reading February!!! (And we’re going to see if Feb 3rd is a karmic day…)

  10. Heidi Betts said,

    Good morning, everyone! Thanks so much for dropping by to chat. And thank you, Pam, for having me. I sort of wish you could find it in yourself to be a little more enthusiastic about my visit, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. *vbg*

    Hi, Hollie! Holy cow, what a story. It gave me shivers! I would definitely say that was Fate trying to give you a push in the right direction. My horoscopes keep saying, “You should consider writing a book.” My response is always: “You know what? I think I will!” LOL

  11. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Laura~ (Look, Pam, I’m sending people over to you, too. It’s like a “reader exchange” program. LOL)

    Ooh, I am a big believer in “what comes around goes around” & “God’ll get you for that.” Whenever I run into a nasty person or see someone behaving badly, I always wonder if they realize the future they’re creating for themselves. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly try to treat people well & *not* to create bad Karma for myself. :-p

  12. Heidi Betts said,

    Thank you, Davina! I think I like your take on Fate, btw—if it’s good, it was meant to be; if it’s bad, it was just bad luck, whatcha gonna do? Definitely a theory I can get behind. 🙂

  13. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi again, Ellen. Thanks for following me around! (Thankfully, you can do it from the warmth of your own home, huh? :-D)

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. But before you get too impressed, you should know that I actually had to stop & count the words in my editor’s comment. Twice. (Math is not my specialty. :-p)

    You are so sweet, btw. From your fingertips to God’s ears, I hope!

  14. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Alyson! Nope, I don’t think I believe in coincidence. I think it’s because we also share a great editor. 😀 Of course, if February turns out to be not such a great release month, then we may have to call her with a series of boo-hisses. (You first. *g*)

  15. Jennifer Y. said,

    Hi Pam and Heidi! Fabulous post and I can’t wait to read this book!!!!!

    I believe in fate, destiny, faith, and all that good stuff. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be then it will be. Sometimes it might require a bit of patience (something I struggle with). There is a purpose for everything and everyone.

    And speaking of horoscopes, I don’t know what the future holds for me, but if I listen to my horoscope it’s a good day to say hello to strangers…LOL.

  16. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Robin! Didn’t I just see you over in The Dungeon? 😉

    You summed up my feelings about Fate pretty much perfectly, I think. You can’t force stuff…& sometimes the stuff you do force, you’re sorry about later. And sometimes, no matter how badly you want something, it’s just *not* right for you, & you need to relax, take a step back, & let life play out the way it’s meant to be—in your best interests.

    I’ve seen *a lot* of that happen recently, & thankfully I wasn’t too stubborn to let things play out on their own. They work out better that way than I could ever script, anyway. 😀

  17. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Jennifer! Fancy meeting you here, when I’ll be blogging with *you* tomorrow. 😀

    Ah, patience… That is the fly in the ointment when it comes to Fate & Destiny. It’s not my strong suit, either, unfortunately. 😦

  18. pamwritesromance said,

    Robin–you remind me of a saying I started using a few years ago when a friend was going through a painful divorce–The universe will unfold as it should. (And your universe is going to bring you an agent and/or editor this year!) All this powerful good juju floating around today? You betcha it is!!!

    Jennifer–*waving* Hi! See? Your horoscope said to say hello to strangers and here you are! (I could make a comment about there being no stranger than here, but I’ll pass…) And yes, patience does seem to be a key component, doesn’t it? Thanks for visiting!!!

  19. Dru said,

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Hi Heidi,

    I love the premise of Tangled in Love and just added it to my TBR list.

  20. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Dru! Thanks for adding TANGLED to your list. I’m glad you like the sound of it. It was really a lot of fun to write, so I’m hoping that translates to readers having a blast with the story, too. 😀

  21. Pam said,

    Hi, back, Dru! *waves* Glad you were here to discover Heidi! I’ll have to take a deeper look at your blog and see if I can pick up some good recommendations from you! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  22. Fedora said,

    Hi, Heidi! (Hi, Pam!) Sorry I’m so late–it took me FOREVER to drag myself over from the dungeon today! Next time I’ll have to find the key for those chains 😉

  23. Marilyn Brant said,

    Pam, you are such a gracious host!
    Heidi, I loved reading your fortunately/unfortunately tale! The way you took a setback and turned it into a project not only the house loved, but one you were excited about as well… That was inspirational and a wonderful reminder to all of us to try to be as flexible, open and creative as you were :).

  24. host said,

    After reading all posts about your book Heidi – I can’t wait to get my hands&eyes on it and start reading 🙂

  25. pamwritesromance said,

    Fedora–no worries! I know Mistress Heidi holds a tight rein on the dungeon–you were lucky to escape! 🙂 Glad you were able to come visit, stop by anytime you need some aloe for those shackle burns!

    Marilyn–aw, thanks! Can’t wait to have you over–say, in October? 😉

    Host–you’re gonna love it! And if you’re really needing a Heidi fix, you can pick up one of her anthologies to tide you over, plus check out some other awesome writers! Glad you stopped by! 😀

  26. Heidi Betts said,

    Good morning, everyone! Don’t want you thinking I forgot about you, just had to put in the requisite hour on the bike so I can justify eating the rest of the day. *g*

    Hey, Fedora! Mistress Heidi was in quite a snit yesterday, so I’m not surprised she made it difficult for you to get out of The Dungeon. Glad you finally succeeded, tho. Just don’t tell her or it will be another 40 lashes with the whip. :-p

  27. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Marilyn! Have you ever read Fortunately? It’s such an adorable book! And I’m sure we can all relate to the good news/bad news situation. :-p

    “Flexible” is an excellent word for what you have to be to get thru not only life but this biz. There are so many things that don’t always go our way, so many things we can’t control…you have to figure out how to just sit back & let go, let them play out. I have a friend who says that when it comes to fighting publishers about certain things, you have to ask yourself, “Is this the hill I want to die on?” Meaning, choose your battles wisely & ask yourself if certain things are truly worth throwing a fit over. 🙂

  28. Heidi Betts said,

    Hi, Host! What a nice comment to wake up to. Thank you so much. 😀

    I can’t wait for you to get your hands & eyes on TANGLED, either…let me know what you think once you’ve had a chance to read it, okay? And if anyone wants to let me know when they start seeing it in stores, that would be great, too. I’m on pins & needles waiting to find out when it shows up & how many places will carry it. 8)

  29. Heidi Betts said,

    Stop me if I’m jumping the gun here, Pam, but would now be a good time to pick winners for the three books from my backlist? (I’m happy to stick around a while chatting, so no worries there, I just don’t want anyone thinking I forgot. 😉 )

    All right, random number generator spinning…names whirling… And the winners are:


    Congratulations, guys! If you’ll visit the Backlist page of my website (, you can see the titles you have to choose from—& this does include the HOTTER THAN HELL anthology higher on the page—then you can e-mail me ( or use my website’s contact form ( to send me your book choice & mailing info. As soon as I get all that, I’ll get your prizes in the mail!

    And thank you to everyone who came out this week to visit with me. As I said, I’ll stick around a while longer. Pam’s playground is so much fun, it’s certainly not a hardship. *vbg*

  30. pamwritesromance said,

    Woo Hoo! Congrats to Marilyn, Host and Davina–your Wednesday now officially RAWKS!!! 😀

    And yes, everybody please keep playing–we’ve got Heidi, lots of fun & friendly guests and another 6 days to kill until TANGLED comes out. Somebody pass the Spicy Sweet Doritos! 😉

  31. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Wow. Fate or free will? Good question. I think I’d have to go with something in-between: fate managing the big things, but free will working on the small things, if that makes sense. If it weren’t for fate, I don’t know how I’d explain my intuition telling me that I’ll be really glad I wore the purple sweater instead of the turquoise one, or that I’ll be sorry if I don’t take along something I never would – like an umbrella on a clear day. But you know what? That intuition is always right, so I can’t knock it. Still, I’d like to believe in at least a little free will, because it makes me feel more powerful and important.

    Oh, no! I just saw the winners have been chosen. That makes me sad. Was it fate that I got here just a tiny bit too late…?

  32. Heidi Betts said,

    Pam~ Sweet & Spicy Doritos? I haven’t had a Dorito in ages. I was always partial to the regular ones, but what, pray tell, do these taste like?

  33. Heidi Betts said,

    Well, shucks, Caryn, if I’d known you were coming, I would have held off a while longer. 😉 But how about this…there are still a few stops left on my Blog Tour 2009…the full list an be found on my blogs, but I’m at Jennifer’s Random Musings today, Romance Bandits & Soapbox Queens tomorrow, etc…& I’m giving away books at each of those, too. So many more chances to win—for all of you—if you just hop on the bus & follow me around for a while. *vbg*

    And it sounds like you have great intuition. I’m not gifted with that. I usually catch myself wearing the wrong clothes or in need of an umbrella & kicking myself because, “I knew I should have done that instead!” :-p

  34. Fedora said,

    LOL, thanks for the warm welcome, Pam! What a great place you have here! I’ll be sure that mum’s the word with Mistress Heidi in case we need a place to recuperate 😉

  35. Heidi Betts said,

    ROTF, Fedora. That’s a good idea. If Mistress Heidi ever gets in a snit, we’ll all run over here to Pam’s to hide. LOL

  36. Marilyn Brant said,

    I won a book?! I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much!! Hugs to Heidi and to Pam :). I’m really looking forward to reading…

  37. Pam said,

    Caryn–if it was fate that got you here too late, I’m sure that’s only because she has other plans for you! (Yes, possibly on one of Heidi’s other stops–check out her website for her huge list of blogs this week!) 🙂

    Heidi–the Spicy Sweet Doritos (introduced to me by the wonderful L. A. Mitchell) are asian inspired, like a spicy sweet sauce for your noodles. I am HOOKED!

  38. Pam said,

    Fedora–anytime you want to come recuperate, just head on over. I’ll even help you pick the locks next time. Ha! 🙂

    Marilyn–enjoy! Speaking of Spicy and Sweet, you’ll have to let us know which book you picked! 😉

  39. Heidi Betts said,

    Yes, you did, Marilyn—congrats. (Got your e-mail, btw, & will be in touch soon.)

    Pam~ Okay, I do like sweet & sour shrimp, pork, chicken… I’m thinking a taste test may be in order. 😛

    But no helping the minions escape The Dungeon! Mistress Heidi is going to be so maaaaaaad when I tell her. 😮

    And Marilyn picked the HEAT WAVE anthology. Good choice, no? *g* It’s a personal fave of mine, anyway. 8)

  40. Davina said,

    Ooooh, how exciting! Thanks so much! I’ve just emailed you via the website, Heidi 🙂

    And thanks to Pam for introducing me to a new author and a new blog AND wangling me a brand new book all in one go!

  41. Pam said,

    Uh-oh! I’d better hope those Spicy Sweet Doritos are enough to get me back into Mistress Heidi’s graces! I do not want that vixen on my bad side. *shudder*

    Davina–woo hoo on your book! And I’m so glad you came to visit–you’re welcome anytime! 🙂

  42. Melina said,

    Unfortunately, I am so late to this party. . .

    Fortunately, I have this week off and now own a copy of Tangled in Love!

    I LOVE the book Fortunately. I remember doing a project with it when I was in Kindergarten. So much fun!

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