Tuesday Ten: The Random Thoughts Edition

February 10, 2009 at 10:49 am (Tuesday Ten)


Hello and welcome to February! I know, I’m a little behind in my postings and such (and especially after I promised I wouldn’t be), but some days just get away from you, you know? And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you the Random Thoughts edition.


1. Wasn’t Heidi fabulous? I think my girl-love for her is more than obvious, but it’s nice to introduce her to new people.  We’re still partying over at her blog, so please come play!


butterfly22. Some outstanding business—the lovely and gracious Marilyn awarded me this pretty Butterfly Award for my blog.   Isn’t she the coolest?  Thank you, Marilyn. I will display it with pride.







3. I decided if I were to ever write Sci Fi/Fantasy (adult, YA or both), my pseudonym would be Zanzibar Doom.


4. I would like to commend those of you (and you know who you are) who resisted the urge to go after Punxsutawney Phil when he predicted six more weeks of winter. Groundhogicide is just wrong.


5. The edits on BROKEN are going well, thank you. At times, I start hyperventilating at the thought of having to weave in all of the fabulous, juicy themes and extra threads and make it come out like I see it in my head, but then I look at something shiny and forget all about how I’ll be bleeding out of my ears come this spring.


6. Too many good TV shows coming on this spring. I’m already invested in Scrubs (and have been for years) and Lie To Me (I love Tim Roth), but now I have Joss’s new show, Dollhouse, with the amazing Eliza Dushku (premiering this Friday!), Nathan Fillion’s Castle and Ian McShane’s Kings. Don’t you people realize I have editing to do? Did you not read the ‘bleeding out of my ears’ part? Argh!


7. I am in the wrong line of work. I’m going to start doing this instead:































8. I am blatantly stealing this from Barbara Ferrer’s blog, but it made tea shoot out of my nose, so I had to post it here. It is, as Yoplait would say, C’est Si Bon.
















9. The girls are taking care of me. They’re sending up a very intriguing idea. Don’t know if it’s going to be the next book or not (that’s for them to decide), but I’m just loving what they’re thinking. Whatever I’ve been sending down to them to inspire such tales, I need to figure out what it is and keep doing it.


10. It struck me this week that this blog is helping me with my current agent search. I’m much more in tune with writers, agents and editors, and I find myself weeding through the list more quickly, as well as knowing who some of the writers are that these agents represent. (Plus, I know more about how they got there—the stories of The Submission and The Call.) Let’s hope it pays off.


Okay, there we are—ten random thoughts. I hope you were informed and entertained. Just to cover my bases, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Dean Martin jokes.


A grasshopper walks into a bar and orders a gin and tonic. The bartender says, “You know, we got a drink named after you.” The grasshopper says, “You’ve got a drink named Irving?”


Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.


  1. Amy said,

    Glad the edits are going well.

    In my feverish state this weekend, I managed to plot my next book. Totally unintentionally, and I figured once the fever broke, I’d shelf it, but it was some really good stuff. Guess the girls were working double time while I lay in bed, being a wimp.

  2. jeniferm said,

    Excellent corny joke to wrap things up!

    And speaking of stand-up comedy, not that you need anything else to watch, I know, but have you ever watched Demitri Martin? He’s been on Daily Show off and on for a while now, but he does stand-up (on tour) and has some Comedy Central specials. Anywho, he’s got a new show debuting on Comedy Central tomorrow, Important Things. He’s hilarious, and I’m expecting this show will be too. http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/important_things/index.jhtml


  3. Robin said,

    You MUST write Sci Fi/Fantasy now! With a name like Zanzibar Doom you’ll sell millions of books! Thanks for catching us up with all that’s new and exciting with you, Pam! (I can’t wait for Dollhouse on Friday either!)

  4. Hollie said,

    Hi Pam. *waving*..glad to see that you are back !

  5. Marilyn Brant said,

    You’re very welcome for the butterfly, my dear. It’s much deserved…especially since you’ve found a great new job for me and even helpfully provided the FAX number! Yep. I may not have applied yet, but I just KNOW I’ll be *perfect* for this “home based business” and they’ll hire me on the spot! (*waving* Hey, there! Oh, Healthy Chocolate People??! I’m riiiiight here! Call me…)

    LOL: Groundhogicide. Phil’s just lucky he lives in PA, that’s all I’m sayin’.

    And BROKEN is excellent. Keep editing, Pam. Go, go, go. Your future editor is anxiously awaiting it…

  6. Pam said,

    Amy–i read about your feverish state and I feel so bad for you! I’m just glad something good came out of it. Keep feeding the girls DayQuil! *snort*

    Jenifer–I’ll have to check out your link. I don’t have cable, so even though it means missing The Daily Show, it also means…oh hell, I don’t know. But I’m always up for new comedy! 😀

  7. Pam said,

    Robin–I know! I absolutely LOVE that name!!! I’ll have to find a way to use it somehow, somewhere. And speaking of names–calling Eliza Dushku’s character Echo? I just drool every time I hear it.

    Hi Hollie! *waves back* Glad to see you! If I had fuzzy pink handcuffs, I’d give them to you! 😉

  8. Pam said,

    Marilyn–we got that fax at work (along with so may other junk faxes), but this one obviously caught my eye. It’s just too…perfect! Care to have a partner? And you’re from the upper midwest–this weather is nuttin, I say, nuttin!

  9. Montana said,

    I am anxious to begin answering the phone, “Zanzibar Doom residence, may I help you?” It would also be cool to be known as Mr. Doom. Please begin writing SF immediately.
    Thank you,
    M. Doom

  10. Hollie said,

    Aww..you are such a sweet talker Pam!! And Mr. Doom has a good sense of humor as well>>LOLOL Good luck on getting the pink fuzzy handcuffs…Laura seems to realllllyyyy like them alot..and im not sure i’d want them when she gets done with them!LOLOLOL

  11. Kyle said,

    I’m looking forward to Dollhouse, but I’ve already got enough shows as well… It’s going to be on Fox, right? Maybe I’ll watch it with Terminator, which was just bumped from Mondays by stupid 24…

    I love Buffy! But I love Twilight, too! And, just so you know, in Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire mythology, a stake through the heart wouldn’t do much of anything… Buffy’d have a fight on her hands!

    Glad the edits are going well, even with the distractions! Keep putting the rest of us to shame!

  12. L.A. Mitchell said,

    Some days are just random like that. I’m still thinking of us trudging through edits together. Remember, we’re going to celebrate the finish line in DC:)

  13. Pam said,

    Montana–if you really want to be called Mr. Doom, we can work something out. 😉

    Hollie–that’s okay, I’d get you a new pair. (I’d be scared to take Laura’s!)

  14. Pam said,

    Kyle–welcome back! I know what you mean about Terminator–Summer Glau is awesome and I could so easily get sucked into a Friday night girls-kick-butt couch-fest. 🙂

    L.A.–D.C. it is. We’ll be celebrating all things finished and good. And I’ll post from our Nation’s Capital so everybody’s welcome! (That gives everybody 5 months to finish!) 😀

  15. jenifer said,

    Taking pity on the cable-less girl, here’s a video of the best ever Demetri Martin skit, according to both me and Becke (treethyme both as a Wiffer and a Cherry).

    Throwing Stones:

  16. Pam said,

    Jen (and Becke and yes, I know who she is so Becke, come say hi!)–this was a great skit, and he’s definetly worth checking YouTube for more. The really funny thing was he was in our paper yesterday–I recognize his picture from that clip, so now I need to go back and read it.

    Thanks for the smiles! 😀

  17. Melissa Blue said,

    Snerk. Mr. Doom sounds like a Joss Whedon character. Also, Mr. Doom would be Dr. Evil’s third cousin. They will plan diabolical plots together.

    Sidenote: Glad to know you are on a roll. Keep it up. National’s is around the corner. I’m going to miss seeing you this year.

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