The Silver Lining

March 25, 2009 at 11:38 am (Events, Random Thoughts)



As with so many of my posts, I have an idea in mind for the topic, but then something so compelling comes along that I have to write about it instead. Yes, it happened again today, just about 10 minutes ago as a matter of fact. My “Wazzup” post of general updates has now been pre-empted by “The Silver Lining.”


The cloud behind this silver lining was the fact that today RWA announced their finalists for the RITA (for published) and Golden Heart (unpublished.) I entered my screwball paranormal in the Golden Heart and no, it didn’t final. Was I crushed/despondent/heartbroken/postal? Well, maybe for a second or so, but no not really. (Thank you Starbucks Chai latte and glazed apple fritter.) You see, where I was disappointed, I was also cushioned, and that my friends, made all the difference.


It all started last night when I saw Marilyn’s post on the expectations of this day, and somebody had better call Bill Gates, because Marilyn has found a way to send love and support through the cyber-world and that’s an application Bill is going to want. (And I blame Marilyn for getting the tears started!)


Then this morning I woke up to a sweet note and drawing from Montana, and let me just say that he is a keeper. (But I already knew that.)


Then, on one of the thousands of times I checked my email, I received the most wonderful, kind, supportive emails in the entire universe from my friend Melina. It’s going up on my inspiration board and if I see her in D.C. this summer she’d better watch out because I’m going to hug her so tightly her eyes might pop out.


Then, when the nominations were announced and I frantically checked my category, I didn’t see my name there, but I did see somebody familiar—my separated-at-birth friend L.A. Mitchell. Somehow seeing that she had been nominated eased my pain of not. And she’d also better watch out in D.C. because I’m bringing a freaking bullhorn to the ceremony and when she wins, the only thing the crowd is going to hear is me yelling and my bullhorn playing “Dixie”, just like the horn on the General Lee.


And as if that weren’t enough, I see that the amazing Samantha Graves got a RITA nod for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance for “Out of Time.” More hooting and hollering at the ceremony (because of course she’s going to win—duh!) and extra confetti for everything she’s given to me and the rest of us at Will Write For Wine.


So my “Wazzup” post will be forthcoming, along with the others I mentioned earlier this week, but for now I want to offer congratulations to L.A. and Sam and thanks to all of you for making my blog a happy place to be.




  1. L.A. Mitchell said,

    Who knew a General Lee bullhorn could stir tears from this end? LOL. And the glazed apple fritter? I’m telling ya–SEPARATED AT BIRTH 🙂

    Huge, huge, huge cyberhugs to you, sister.

  2. Montana (curtbooks) said,

    I’m so proud of your writing and so proud of your attitude about writing, you inspire me everyday.

  3. Pam said,

    L.A.–thanks for the cyberhugs–back ‘atcha! (and I am serious about the bullhorn–just ask Montana.) Dah dah da da da-da-da-da da da da dum….

    Montana–and I couldn’t do any of it without you. Mwah!

  4. Marilyn Brant said,

    Major congrats to L.A. and Sam!!

    Pam~your writing has touched me and brightened my day so many times~the very thing the best writers are able to do :). I loved your screwball paranormal, but you know how I feel about that amazing historical you’ve got… I can already see it on RWA’s Best First Book 2010/2011 RITA list. Save me a seat up front for that ceremony, okay?

  5. Heidi Betts said,

    What a terrific way to turn a frown upside down, Pam! And how fabulous that you’re able to celebrate with friends who finaled.

    And not to put a damper on anyone’s good news today, because the finals really are terrific, but trust me when I tell you that you can have a fabulous career without ever finaling (or even entering) a single contest, & you can also final out the wazoo in these things & never sell a book. Personally, I finaled in the GH 3xs. It was fun, definitely. But I never sold a single one of those books, so what does that tell you? 🙂

    Oh, & one more thing…you recently sent me a note saying “I knew there was a reason I loved you” because we both have an affinity for chocolate & peanut butter. Now I get to say it back because I’ve discovered you like apple fritters, too. Deep fried dough with apples & cinnamon—what’s not to like? Yum!

  6. jeniferm said,

    That’s an inspirational silver lining if I ever saw one! Thanks for sharing how you turned things upside down to get to such a positive position. If I do make it Nationals, can I shout into your bullhorn too?

  7. Pam said,

    Marilyn–you deserve a front seat, but that means I get a front seat at yours! (And that’s going to be next year, right?) 🙂

    Heidi–You see, this is why I think you’re perfect. I was thinking that same thought this afternoon, but hearing it from you put you right onto that silver lining list. 😀

    Jenifer–I’d rather have been yelling “Woo Hoo! I finalled!” but I’ll take what I can get. And I would be disappointed if you didn’t shout with me, with or without the bullhorn. 😉

  8. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Your ability to find a silver lining in the face of what must be a disappointment is awe-inspiring and admirable. Although I’m very disappointed that you didn’t make it into the finals, I also know that the competition is fierce, which tons of writers flocking to this particular contest. I also have absolutely no doubt that we’ll see you up on that stage one day, if not for the Golden Heart (because by this time next year you’ll be on the fast track to being published and will therefore be disqualified for it) then for the Rita. Because you are that good a writer.

  9. Pamela Cayne said,

    Caryn–thanks for the warm fuzzies. I think somebody had better warn RWA though–your writing is amazing, too, and you’ll be getting your own RITA very, very soon! Do you think they’ll let us block off seats? 🙂

  10. Melina said,

    What a fantastic silver lining! Thanks for yet another encouraging post.

    Yes, I’ll be in Washington this summer. Can’t wait! 🙂

  11. Pam said,

    Melina–better bring some tape for your eyeballs, then! 😀

  12. Caryn Caldwell said,

    They better, Pamela! We’ll storm the building in our fancy gowns, fresh manicures, and styled hair, and they’ll be too scared of us not to give us a whole section in the front!

  13. L.A. Mitchell said,

    I loved your card so much I posted it!! Hope you don’t mind. It was pure art 🙂
    thanks again, P

  14. Amy said,

    You are amazing. I’m so sorry I’m going to miss the bullhorn.

  15. Pam said,

    Caryn–we’ll be fierce and fabulous! And then when we all win, we’ll celebrate! 🙂

    L.A.–I had fun making it. When you’re nominated for a RITA, I’m going to have to use some glitter, though… 😉

    Amy–I think it’s safe to say with my, er, projection skills, you won’t miss me with the bullhorn, no matter where you are in the country! 🙂

  16. Kyle said,

    See, that’s why you’re such a great person to have around! It’s always nice when someone can be supportive and proud for someone else’s accomplishments, even when they’re sad about their own results. Even though you didn’t get nominated (and I’m sure you should have!), it must be an amazing feeling to know you have so much support around you!

    Congrats to your friends this year… next year’s yours!

  17. Pam said,

    Kyle–thanks! I think us writers know that we’re all in this together, so it’s easier to support each other. And you’re right–my turn is coming! 🙂

  18. Melissa Blue said,

    Congrats L.A. Mitchell and Sam. It definitely gives the Rita/GH a special meaning when you know the person.

    Pam, plain and simple, you rock. Your day is coming and I can tell you that celebration is going to be felt around the world.

  19. Pamela Cayne said,

    Melissa–is it any wonder I love you so much? 🙂

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