A Name Change, It's All Subjective, and More

March 30, 2009 at 11:36 am (Random Thoughts, Virtual Gems, Writing)

 To keep confusion to a minimum, I’m jumping right into the name change. As some of you may have noticed, my name/layouts/sites have changed some this past week. Well, I finally decided on a pseudonym, and combining that with my attempt at branding, I jumped into the deep end.

Say hello to the next phenom of historical romance, Pamela Cayne. *applause* Along logo-small-resized1with Pamela comes her unique logo/avatar of the lovely scrolled heart, so that you may recognize her at any cyber-site you visit. (Okay, I’ll stop doing the 3rd person thing—it’s just not working for me.) In addition to this blog, my website, and my MySpace page, I’ve finally drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid and have joined Twitter and Facebook. (All links are over there on the right, but not the Facebook. I still haven’t figured out how to link my Facebook page, but I do know if you go to their lovely site and search for Pamela Cayne, I show up.) They are addictive little sites, so I’m going to try and limit my time on them. If you have any tips how to do this, please forward them. Please!

Thanks to all for their supportive thoughts after last week’s non-Golden Heart call. I think the God of Publishing wanted to further reinforce the message of “It’s All Subjective” because on Friday I received my judging sheets from a RWA chapter contest I’d entered earlier in the year. Get this—out of the three judges, one enjoyed it but suggested I work on my pacing and gave me a moderate score; the second I would have to say hated it because she gave me a 27 out of 50 (that’s a 54%) and really didn’t have any comments to say other than my heroine was whiny; and the third—yes, you guessed it—she gave me a 49 out of 50 and just gushed about it. How’s that for a message? Yeesh.

 So how’s the dark historical you ask? Well, I had a major brain blockage blown to smithereens with a forehead-slapping, teeth-clenching, Duh moment. The good news is with the blockage gone, my protagonist can really flow. The bad news is realizing I have about 2 weeks more editing/rewriting before I can get this baby off to my crit and beta readers (and the lovely goo I had to clean out of my car after my head exploded with this realization.) I know it’s all for the good, but as I was telling a friend of mine, I feel like I’m in the 11th month of a pregnancy and it’s just time to be done! There must be something in the air because I’ve read posts from at least two of you who seem to feel the same way. And just like you wonderful people, it’s hard to push through this last bit because I’ve got a lovely new book whispering seductively in my ear, and the girls want to play. So I’m giving myself an assignment to get BROKEN finished in 2 weeks or else. (Or else what, you ask? I don’t know. I’ll think of a suitable punishment complete with disappointed looks and stern finger shaking.)


chocolate_rabbits_candycrateSo I hope you’re all doing well. It’s almost April (hooray!) and I proclaim that it will be an excellent month. Of course, that’s not too hard to do. Any month where the major holiday encourages Cadbury cream eggs and chocolate rabbits has got to be fabulous.




  1. coffeegirl88 said,

    April will be much appreciated as long is it doesn’t bring March’s snow with it. I’m sitting here, sort of looking out my frosted over window seeing way too much white stuff. Although, seeing the world’s biggest squirrel dig around for last Fall’s acorns under that snow was kinda fun this morning.

    So, you want advice on how to not waste hours on Facebook and Twitter. Give it a little time. I was all about the new shiny for the few couple weeks (maybe a month) then I balanced out. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not there a lot because I do keep a browser window open to Facebook all day but obviously I get other work done.

  2. Griffin Asher said,

    I can barely handle blogging and Twitter, I can’t imagine trying to keep up with more then that! Facebook just scares me.

    And if you don’t get BROKEN done in 2 weeks I’ll get Karen/Ilana and we’ll duct tape you to the ceiling. Is that incentive enough? 😉

  3. L.A. Mitchell said,

    Two weeks or else NO CHOCOLATE!

    I can hear the screams from here :O

    I was wondering who that Pamela Cayne chick was haunting my blog 😉 Now I know.

    I love your split personality/alter ego. Does that mean I have to buy her a drink at National, too?

  4. alyson noel said,

    Yay for Pamela Cayne!

    And contests, like everything else in this biz, are totally subjective!

    Best of luck on broken!

  5. Pamela Cayne said,

    Coffee–thanks for the tip. It’s good to hear about those who have gone before me and survived! 🙂

    Griffin–yeah, I’m still a little intimidated by Facebook so we’ll see. And the duct tape–great incentive! There were way too many creative thoughts on that one! 😉

  6. Pamela Cayne said,

    L.A.–like, no chocolate for an hour, right? That’s a really nasty punishment, right? And the extra drink only if you have a two-for-one coupon! 😀

    Alyson–aw, thanks! Having a NEW YORK TIMES #1 BESTSELLER give you a little woot is reward enough! 🙂

  7. Kyle said,

    Pamela Cayne… has a nice ring to it!!! I need to think of a pseudonym for my non-literary work… I’ve got a couple of ideas, but nothing firm yet… though I think I’ll end up pulling a Nora Roberts and title them “Kyle W. Kerr, writing as _______”… LOL.

    Congrats on the brainwave! It’s amazing when they hit, and two weeks is nothing! Make sure to let us know when you’re done so we can have a cyber party! I’ll bring the booze!

  8. Marilyn Brant said,

    Personally, I LOVE the new and official pseudonym (wow, it only took me 3 tries to spell that right…)–YAY for Pamela Cayne! And those chocolate bunnies look delicious… Peel off the gold foil and nibble on the ears for inspiration :).

  9. Pamela Cayne said,

    Thanks, Kyle! I’m still looking for a use for Zanzibar Doom, though. And if you bring the booze, I’ve got the blender! 🙂

    Marilyn–thanks! My only problem is I’m typing with a cold, so I have to be careful that I’m not Pamela Caybe. Maybe I should have thought about that… 😉

  10. Montana (curtbooks) said,

    Still having a little trouble with Pamela Cayne. When I get a twitter from her I think it’s some woman my wife might smack me about.

  11. Kyle said,

    LOLOL… Sorry, Pamela Caybe made me laugh out loud… actually out loud!

  12. Pamela Cayne said,

    Montana–just think of it this way–you have not only one, but TWO fabulous women and your wife approves! 😀

    Kyle–I’m glad somebody else thinks it’s as funny as I do. Usually I lisp or stutter–the cold nose is a new speech impediment! 🙂

  13. Robin said,

    I love Pamela Cayne! And Pamela Caybe. I love you Pam, and am in awe of you jumping right in to Facebook and Twitter.

    Good luck with Broken! You’re almost there! *pom pom swish* Yay!

  14. Pamela Cayne said,

    Aw, Robin–you’re going to make me blush, you are. Thanks for being in my corner. 🙂

  15. Lainey Bancroft said,

    Love the ‘branding’ and the name Ms Cayne!

    Also love Cadbury cream eggs. =)

    (and your contest results sound eerily like my last contest results, which is why I’ve given up contests)

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