Am I too hip for the room?

June 11, 2009 at 11:48 am (Random Thoughts, Virtual Gems)

I’ve happened to know for a long time that not everybody gets my sense of humor. However, there are times I think I make a really good joke. Today must not have been one of those times.

We had to take my car in because the “check engine” light had come on and stubbornly refused to fix itself.  Here is an almost verbatim transcript of the call between myself and my mechanic this morning:

Mechanic: Your light came on because your netural position switch has gone bad.

Me: So it sounds like it’s not neutral anymore.

Mechanic: *crickets*


Real post tomorrow, I promise.



  1. coffeegirl88 said,


    I like your sense of humour.

  2. Anna Campbell said,

    Hey, someone stole my comment. I want to say snort! 😉

  3. jeniferm said,

    Keep on your toes – you just know Switzerland’s next.

  4. Karen said,

    You were just playing to the wrong audience 🙂

  5. Melina said,

    I adore your sense of humor! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Pamela Cayne said,

    Coffee-thanks, it’s nice to be appreciated! 🙂

    Anna–you can snort here anytime! 😉

  7. Pamela Cayne said,

    Jenifer–yes, but if Switzerland fell in my blog, would my mechanic laugh? 🙂

    Karen–yeah, I should have known. Next time I’ll just stick with the Wiffers! 😀

    Melina–aw, thanks! It’s no Talk Like a New Yahkah, but it’ll do. 😉

  8. Montana (curtbooks) said,

    The mechanic was, however, quite happy to present us our $325 bill. If you’ll notice line four–Bad joke… $4.95.So maybe your timing needed adjusting. Merf.

  9. Pamela Cayne said,

    Montana–nah, it was funny even at that price. 🙂

  10. Marilyn Brant said,

    LOL. I have absolutely nothing witty to add, but I appreciate that you made ME laugh today. I promised my son we’d go to the pool this afternoon and, since that requires a swimsuit, I was clearly in need of a happy moment… 🙂

  11. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Oh, my GOD! I actually giggled out loud when I read this. I don’t think it’s your sense of humor that’s out of whack. It’s the mechanics. Maybe his humor runs more toward slapstick and away from witticisms, poor dear.

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