That's it–no more peanut butter and potato chips before bed

October 14, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Random Thoughts)


I had an odd dream the other night.

I was in my living room with a few people. It was a quiet afternoon—no big whoop, right? Wrong. My cell phone rang—Alyson Hannigan was calling me.

Now, I’m sure this had something to do with the How I Met Your Mother marathon Montana and I had recently (one of my top 5 all time shows), but let me continue with Le Grande Freaky Dream.

Alyson starts asking me about my books and I’m trying to remember my elevator pitch for either my romantic comedy/paranormal lite (you remember the rom-com-para-lite) or my more recent dark historical. But I can’t remember my pitches!

And I’m frantically trying to remember something—anything!—but can’t, and to make matters worse, people keep streaming into our house, and not only people, noisy people! Kids, those raucous friends from your partying days—there are even jets flying overhead and nobody can shut the freaking door!

So, while I dig through every pile of paper in the front room for any scrap of a query, I get cagey and start asking Alyson how she found out about me. I mean, I’ve recently queried my historical, but even in my freaky dream state I know I didn’t query her. Alyson tells me she’s looking for a movie to do, and even in my freaky dream state I realize that she would be Perfect for my rom-com-para-lite. (And holy cow, would she!)

At this point, I’m desperate, so I head into our bedroom for a little peace and quiet so I can talk to Aly (you know—it’s what her close and personal friends call her) and search every square inch of the back of the house for a query because I know I left a pile of them around somewhere! So I’m making small talk with Aly, flinging stuff right and left, but finding nothing. At this point, Montana comes in and I send him out for my laptop, because I know my queries are on there.

But before he can return with my trust Mac or before I find a scrap of a query (because, you know, it’s not like I keep every draft of every single permutation of every pitch or query I’ve ever done), I wake up.

Being no stranger to freaky-deaky dreams and not needing a psychology degree to figure this one out, I tell Montana about my torturous night and make myself a cuppa tea, heavy on the sugar and cream.

And reflect on the wonderful thoughts of Aly making a movie from my book.



  1. Marilyn Brant said,

    I’m so impressed that you *remember* your dreams–esp. ones that are kinda freaky but in a GOOD way. Most of the time I have no recollection at all what I dreamed about, and the only ones that I remember vividly are nightmares that had me waking in a sweat… So, I’m totally sure this means Aly is gonna call you. Maybe even stop by in person. You’d better find those query letters. 🙂

  2. Montana (curtbooks) said,

    What a great dream, you’re right Alyson Hannigan would be perfect for the part. By the way, she called and asked if you could quit clobbering me while you’re asleep. I think I’m sporting the “Hannigan forearm.”

  3. Karen said,

    Oh, what a frustrating dream.

    I’ve been having a run of odd ones too. And lately, I’ve been arguing with someone about the best ways to do things….

    Love the show too. Barney is by far my favorite.

  4. Pamela Cayne said,

    Marilyn–sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t. This one just hit a little too close to home not to remember! Plus, I love Aly–she can call me anytime! 😀

    Montana–really? She called you? And you didn’t pitch my book for me? Somebody is *sooo* busted!

    Karen–I think it’s something in the air, because I’ve been having some really odd dreams. And yeah, I got Montana hooked on the show because of Barney! 🙂

  5. Melissa Blue said,

    All I can say is “of course”. A golden opportunity presents itself and you can barely remember your name. Indeed a writer’s worst nightmare. Anxiety much? Sigh. Best of luck with the queries you have out there and when you get a request or call that you can be able to say, “Alyson Hannigan would be perfect for this part.”

  6. Melina said,

    OMG Willow (sorry, she’ll always be Willow to me) was in your dream!?! I do believe that if you hadn’t woken up, she would have helped you do a locating spell to find your queries. 🙂

  7. Sandra Ferguson said,

    Hey, I better get a call for Premier night. No, seriously, this kinda stuff goes from surreal dream stage to kismet. So, I’m there for the opening. I’ll buy new shoes — red, I think and pointy and totally sky-scraper too high. I’ll work the dress around the shoes.

    Okay, so did you find the pitches? And pose them beside your phone? Then get to it. That phone could ring any moment.

  8. Pamela Cayne said,

    Melissa–Yeah, you know me too well. 😉 And thanks for the luck wishes!

    Meilna–As long as she championed turning one into a movie, she could do any spell she wanted! (And she’ll always be Willow to me, too!)

    Sandra–Well, of course! Anybody who buys smoking hot red shoes for my premier gets a VIP seat!

  9. Robin said,

    What a great dream! I can absolutely see this being a story you tell at a conference when you’re giving a speech about being published *and* having a movie made of your book. 🙂 It’s one of those stories everyone will love and remember – always hold on to your dreams!

  10. Pamela Cayne said,

    Robin–truth be told, I can picture you in that book, too. Not Aly’s role, but a different one, one I know you could make better than the picture in my head. But, you’ll be too busy with your fabulous success (because I know your books would make fabulous movies, too), so we’ll have to schedule shooting for another day. 😀

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