11 Weeks and Counting…

May 12, 2010 at 11:22 am (Events, Virtual Gems)


Yes, eleven weeks from today is the Literacy Signing, the unofficial kickoff to the summer RWA National Conference. And after all the heartbreaking news last week coming out of Nashville, including that of our beloved Gaylord Opryland being under double-digits of water, I was delighted with the swift and awesome response of the RWA staff and board in moving the conference to Orlando, specifically the Swan and Dolphin Resort of DisneyWorld. (Also being called the S&D, the Swan and Dragon, and now the Feather and Fin between Montana and myself.)

Even though I’m not necessarily a DisneyWorld/Land kinda gal, I must admit to being quite impressed by the splendor that is the S&D. I would be delighted as a litter of new puppies if it weren’t for one thing–the plane ride. See, as much as I love to travel, I’m really not a big fan of flying. Going somewhere fun? Check! Carts of beverages and snacks being offered like the trolley on the Hogwarts Express? Check! My wussy motion sickness gene? Yup–check! (Thankfully, I’ve never been truly sick on a plane, but if I have too quick of a connecting flight or turbulence in flight, I definitely feel the effects.)

However, for Nationals, I will gladly step on any number of planes. Heck–I told one person I’d walk across broken burning glass for Nationals, and I meant it. Slam me a Dramamine, tie a towel around my chin for the drool, and I am your gal! Not like Nationals isn’t an amazing conference any year, but this year is extra special. This is the year I have An Agent (and no, I’m not going to jinx myself by saying what else I hope to have in the next 11 weeks!) so I get to meet her face-to-face for the first time and we’ll talk and plan and do each other’s hair and all of the fun things that authors and their agents do, right?

Plus I’m really, really, really looking forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting new internet buddies and chatting with other wonderful authors under my agency umbrella–it’s WriterPalooza with mouse ears and I am just eighteen kinds of excited for it to get here! Here’s how excited I am–yesterday at the drug store I bought a little travel pack of Q-Tips for $.79 for my Beauty Necessities bag. It’s so cute–three rows of 10 Q-Tips each in a little plastic sliding case! And that’s just the beginning. Pretty soon the stacks are going to start on the living room sofa and checklists are going to be resurrected from past Nationals and new ones made for this one. And yes, a new round of Conference Prep posts are going to be going up here, possibly with a little extra if you know what I mean (wink, wink!) but you’re going to have to stay tuned for those announcements!

It’s conference time, people. Suit up!


  1. coffeegirl88 said,

    Have you looked into the door to door service Disney offers from the airport to the hotel and back again? They’ll even pick up your luggage and deliver it to your room.

    Okay, sorry, I apparently drank the Kool-Aid the first time I went to Disney World and I’ve been a cheerleader for them ever since.

    Really wish I was going, maybe next year?

  2. Maisey said,

    Yay, Pamela! I’m so glad you’re going! And so glad you got an agent!! I’m scared of flying too…haven’t done it since I was a kid so no idea what to expect. I’m thinking of taking up drinking for the occasion. But it’s worth it! It’s Nationals! Hopefully we’ll see each other there!

  3. Karen said,

    Whoo Hoo!

  4. Robin said,

    I can’t wait! For the conference AND your Prep posts!

  5. Pamela Cayne said,

    Eleven weeks? And we’re not at the airport yet? Heh.

  6. Montana said,

    Hey, I said that!

  7. Montana said,

    This is fun, I can pretend to be you. “Okay everyone, rule number one: buy your husband donuts!”

  8. Pamela Cayne said,

    Okay, just so everybody knows, those last three comments with my scrolly little heart by them are not me, they are my dear husband Montana who did something nefarious with his posts. Rest assured he will be dealt with. Most severely. And honey? If you’re reading this you should be scared. Very scared!

    And no, there will *not* be donuts!

  9. Pamela Cayne said,

    Coffee–yes, I saw the “avoid the baggage claim” service and nearly swooned! Like I said, they have some *awesome* amenities! 🙂

    Maisey–heck yeah, we’ll see each other! We’ll make Heidi have a get together with some of the fun beverages she used to have listed on the side of her blog! 😀

  10. Pamela Cayne said,

    Karen–I see your Whoo Hoo and raise you a Squee!!! 🙂

    Robin–oh, you’re too sweet! But I’ll hug that out of you in about 11 weeks or so! 😀

  11. Marilyn Brant said,

    Okay, this line made me laugh aloud: “it’s WriterPalooza with mouse ears” !!!!
    You’re funny, Ms. Cayne! (And, Montana–try to behave yourself. 🙂 )

    I’m not wild about flying. It’s not the motion for me so much as the altitude–my ears always pop–so I go through half a pack of gum on every takeoff and landing.

    I know you’re going to have SUCH a great time at this conference, though! Esp. meeting your agent for the first time–yay!! Looking forward to your prep posts/pep talks, too. 😉

  12. Melina said,

    Oh Pam, you are going to have the best, most exciting time ever!

    And as of this afternoon, it’s official! I’ll be there too!

    I’m counting the days now too. Your excitement is contagious.

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