30 Days of Write: Day 14 (Joss)

May 14, 2012 at 6:27 pm (30 Days of Write)


Yes, I know I missed yesterday. To be honest, I thought about it around 7:00 p.m. and didn’t have much more in me than “Blog.” so decided to spare you from one more day of just-to-get-a-blog-in post. Maybe that will be my 31st day…

So, on to bigger and better, something worthy of Monday and having missed a day. Ladies and gentlepeople, I give you one of the most awesome quotes, one worth copying down and referring back to time and again, from the ruler of my universe, Joss Whedon:

“Basically that you can do anything. If you pool your resources, and in my case all of your connections after 20 years in the business – actually, God help me, 21 – and just give up the idea that you’re going to act like a normal person or sleep, if you want it hard enough and do it well enough, it happens. I think a lot of really talented people either sort of get crushed under the wheel of the movie studio system or desperately try and get their next gig in TV. I understand why, because we’ve all got to put food on the table and the brass ring is out there, we’d all like to be making the Emmy-winning shows and the blockbusters and all that, but at the same time you could be doing stuff yourself. I wish more people would take the extraordinary talent they have and just let their id go because that’s what we discovered. We discovered that the sillier we got, the more people believed that we were speaking from our hearts.” ~ on what he’s learned from making “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” that may help when making another

I was going to bold the really worthwhile parts (IMO) but then realized that practically the whole quote would be bolded, so take from it what you need, what you will.

And speaking of Joss, I leave you with this:

See you tomorrow.


  1. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Wow. Love that quote! And considering he quality of his work, he’s definitely one to listen to.

  2. Caryn Caldwell said,

    P.S. You’re right. I SHOULD be writing. And in about 30 seconds I will be. 😀

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