30 Days of Write: Day 22 (Wiffers, the Dark, and Baz)

May 22, 2012 at 1:24 pm (30 Days of Write)


First I have to say how much I love the Wiffers. You all rock (sorry, we all rock) and I thank the universe almost every day I was lucky enough to discover you.

 I’ve had a crazy day/day-and-a-half and I think part of that is the internet radio station I’ve discovered at work—it’s acoustic alternative and in the first three hours, heard two songs that are sooooo going on a soundtrack. (One to a current book, another to one of my nebulous upcoming pieces.) This kind of music puts me in an odd mood—not a bad one, but certainly one I don’t want to be in at work. It gets me into my creative, dark place, and that is not a place I should be in if I don’t want to start dropping copious F-bombs in front of my boss.

Had some other writing thoughts/events that have gotten me thinking (thus contributing to my creative dark place) and I can’t wait until this weekend when I can give them the space and freedom to develop how they need to. (Let me quickly break away to clarify that when I say dark , that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Heck—it’s what I’m hanging my pitch phrase on: Dark Victorian romance. But keep in mind there can be beauty and joy and peace and richness in the dark and holy crap am I starting to sound like Laurell K. Hamilton, but maybe there’s a reason I’m re-reading her Merry Gentry series for the eighty-seven billionth time right now.) I am both impatient and wanting of some time for these thoughts and their development, but, as one of my mantras states, the universe will unfold as it should. No need for me to push them or hold them back because they’ll do even better left alone.

Perhaps one thing contributing to this current state of mind is the half-hour of Moulin Rouge  I watched last night. You all know of my love for Joss Whedon, but also high on my list of tremendously talented creators who swings wide is Baz Luhrmann. I first discovered him way back when with Strictly Ballroom and have drunk deep of that, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and Australia. What he does speaks to me the same way Joss does and I’m not saying he’s for everybody, but wow does he get my sparks flying. Maybe I need to have a Baz-a-thon one of these weekends. If it feeds the Girls, right?

 I was going to start this next paragraph by saying “And now for something completely different…” but I realize it’s not, not really. I wanted to share with you a photo I have on my desktop (technically, I have 4 desktops, so this is on one of them) and in looking at it, I realize it falls into that dark, creative side. Ladies and gentlepeople, I give you the Chagall windows at the Art Institute of Chicago:

 And since that is one of my happy places, I’m going to sign off here.

 See you tomorrow.


  1. coffeegirl88 said,

    The Wiffers definitely rock, yes we do.

    That desktop image is amazing. I’m going to have to google that when I’m finished here.

    And just as an aside, with your love of Moulin Rouge, does that extend to Ewan McGregor? Did you notice he’s now on Twitter?

    Enjoy your weekend fun feeding the girls.

    • Pamela Cayne said,

      Ewan? Oh yes. He’s slated to be a hero in an upcoming book. Loved him since Trainspotting, and it has nothing to do with his accent….well, almost nothing. 😉

  2. montana (curtbooks) said,

    I’m so happy you found that radio station, can’t wait to start listening to it. Great post!

    • Pamela Cayne said,

      Oh, the radio station continues to spin the awesomeness. Must bookmark it on every device I own!!! 😉

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