30 Days of Write: Day 23 (Courtney, Callihan, and Campbell)

May 23, 2012 at 2:58 pm (30 Days of Write)

Okay, that radio station I mentioned yesterday? My list of songs so awesome they make by ears bleed is now up to 9–some already slated for a soundtrack, and some so awesome they’re getting downloaded because I know *some day* they’re going to be perfect.
And speaking of the awesome, I want to bring your attention to a tweet from two weeks ago:

(No, the tweet isn’t the awesome, you goofballs, it’s the people in it. Sheesh! You think I’m that vain? No, wait–don’t answer that…)

So, Kristen Callihan, Anna Campbell, and Courtney Milan. Yes, they’re incredible, but, you may ask, why did I call them out as inspiration? Let me tell you.

Courtney Milan debuted with Harlequin and had not only the historical romance world, but many other worlds abuzz with how amazingly awesome she was, yet when deal time came for book #3 in her series, she said no.

Let me repeat that: Courtney Milan told Harlequin no. (And with the full support of her fabulous agent, Kristin Nelson, btw.)  She had a plan, a goal, and Harlequin wasn’t able to help her reach that, so she walked away from what many of us would give body parts for and started publishing her work herself. For that kind of strength, determination and belief in herself and her writing, heck yeah, Courtney is on my inspiration list!

And speaking of Kristin Nelson and her clients, you need look no further than Kristen Callihan (and some of you may remember my open letter to her from back in February.) And if you want a reason to be inspired by this deliciously talented author, look no further than this post here. She and Kristin kept fighting until somebody discovered how amazing Kristen was, defining not only ‘underdog’ but why she’s on my inspiration list. All it takes is one, people.

Anna Campbell I’ve adored since the minute I held Claiming the Courtesan in my eager little hands. Not only is she a spectacular writer, but I remember her saying (my words as I can’t find the quote) that she’d been writing for 26 years before CTC, so where some called her an overnight success, she said it took her 26 years to get there. That kind of determination, my friends, is worthy of the inspiration list.

So that’s it. Maybe you’ll feel the same, maybe not. But now you know why I am and why, in my world, I can look at them and believe.

See you tomorrow.


  1. montana (curtbooks) said,

    And you inspire me!!

  2. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Wow! These are so inspiring. Thanks for the back stories. I didn’t know any of this (except that Courtney Milan has been self-publishing some, but I didn’t know why).

    Loved your “overnight success” bit, too. Funny how people seem to forget all of that. The author of The Hunger Games had a bunch of books published before her “overnight success”. And I love Beth Revis’s story. Read an interview with her here (and definitely watch the video at the end!)


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