Yes, I said spectacular.

June 8, 2012 at 1:14 pm (Random Thoughts)

Wow. I kinda liked my 30 Days of Write series because I never had to worry about what to title any particular blog post. I opened up this page and had a moment of blankness. Oh well–I’ll figure out something by the end, I’m sure.

So, to recap the May experiment known as 30 Days of Write, here are my very rough, final stats: I blogged for 20 days out of 31, 15 of those being something more than a 1-line placeholder. Considering I had 4 posts for the previous 4 months, I’m considering that a raging success. Yes, I said raging. My current goal is about once a week or so–don’t be afraid to hold me accountable to that.

What’s up with me, you ask? Yes, doing some writing, and that I’ve made it over a week with some words written every day is nothing short of spectacular. Yes, I said spectacular. The Big Goal is 2,000 words a day, but my true measure of success is anything above 0, so 1 and up is fair game for a woot. Plus, thanks to another worthless and boring work meeting, I have a future novella plotted out, so let’s add another woot to the fire, shall we?

Reading? Have a little less than 1/4 to go on the Robin Hobb book, and for my first real hard-core fantasy since The Hobbit in 8th grade, I’m enjoying it. It took me a little bit to relax into the world and character building that fantasy seems to bring, but now I’m really into it. Don’t know who’ll be next in this genre, but there’ll be more.

I’m also reading Flaming Zepplins by one of my new gods, Joe R. Lansdale (more will be coming on him in future posts.) This is a two-story book, and I just finished Zepplins West last night. OMG, loved it. Loved it like my first dark-chocolate-with-toffee-and-sea-salt bar from Trader Joe’s. Can’t wait to dive into the next. 

I also snuck in Velvet Dogma by Weston Ochse and loved that as well. I need to do an actual post on it, but my brain is still chewing it over (in a very good way–I encourage you to give this story a once-over.) I’m looking forward to checking out more of Weston’s work in the very near future.

Television has been re-watching the awesome Venture Brothers, along with going fangirl geeky over the new season of So You Think You Can Dance. Last weekend we watched Hatfields & McCoys while it was still streaming on the History channel, and wow was that good! I love it when actors play roles their age and was thrilled to see Kevin Costner doing that. He’s got some tooth to him now, I tell ya. And to show you how damn good Tom Berenger is doing that same thing, I didn’t even recognize him until the third show–and trust me, I usually pick those things up right away.

This weekend is going to be back on the writing pony, some M&Ms, and maybe another viewing of The Avengers. All I know is I’m fucking delighted this week is almost over. As Golde (more or less) says to Tevye at the end of “Tevye’s Dream”–may it sink back into the earth where it belongs.




  1. montana (curtbooks) said,

    Horrible week. Proud of you for writing through it.

  2. jeniferm said,

    Spectacular works!

    I don’t read a lot of fantasy either, but several years ago a friend recommended, on the basis of my enjoyment of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay. It’s been a while now, but I remember really liking those books.

  3. Caryn Caldwell said,

    Great job on the spectacular writing week, though sorry that the rest of the week stunk. Here’s hoping next week is much better!

    Oh, and Kevin Costner? Has he learned to actually have a little inflection in his voice, or is he still so flat?

  4. Robin Bielman said,

    Hey, Pam! I’m sorry I missed your 30 Days of Write blog posts – but a huge high five for setting a goal and doing it. You rock! Yay, too, on the spectacular writing. May it continue for weeks and weeks to come! Happy June!

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