Double Fireworks.

July 4, 2012 at 7:00 am (Random Thoughts, Writing)

Happy 4th of July!!! Hope everybody gets the day off to celebrate and your fireworks, BBQs, events and family hootenannies are very happy and safe!! And for those of you reading from a place other than the United States, may I be the first to wish you Happy Wednesday. Always a good day because it tips the scale from the beginning of the week to the end. Salut!

I thank you all for sticking with me during the most recent silence. As you know, Bob (writer’s joke…), when I last posted, it was a quickfire little beauty telling you I was on  a writing streak, and was respecting that gift. Just to show you how much, in that week/7 day period, I wrote 20,000 words. Seriously, exactly 20,000. As I told the hubs that Sunday night, had it been 19,999 words, the computer would have come back on just so I could type “The” or “She” or “Next” and clock it in at exactly 20K. The writing continued, exceeding my 2K daily goal and I wrapped up Book #8 (the Irish book) last Friday.

Hmm. Guess that’s another reason for fireworks. (Yes, it’s all about me.)

So, I’ve since been piddling on a novella that is my version of writing sorbet, i.e. a cleanser, and doing a whole lotta diddly-squat. I wrote some 60K words during a very challenging May and June and let me tell you, some diddly-squatting is called for. I know myself though, and need to get going back into some serious writing or editing, lest I lose the flow I so painfully shaped.

Hmm. I think a reward system is called for…

So what have I been piddling on? (On the re-read, this makes me sound like an untrained puppy. Oh well…) Watching The Tudors again, though I have yet to acquire Season 4, and in a bit of overkill, reading The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir. Watched Bull Durham and Princess Bride this past weekend, and I tip my hat to two movies 25+ years old that still hold up. I’ve also read Heiress Without a Cause by Sara Ramsey and Love My Way by Karen Booth and was absolutely delighted by both–absolute keepers and auto-buys for the rest of their books. And yeah, we went to see The Avengers for a second time. Joss. *sigh* That man is crazy good.

Okay, I think that’s about it. I hope you are all doing well and July has started off well and, for those affected, hope you haven’t been baked, broiled, or roasted out of your home.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. coffeegirl88 said,

    Way to go with the word count! You definitely deserve fireworks and maybe pancakes.

  2. montana (curtbooks) said,

    Yes, pancakes with sparklers!

    • Pamela Cayne said,

      Pancakes with sparklers? Fun food with pretty fire thingies? OMG–heaven!!!! 😀

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