International Writing Week, Day 4!!!

March 21, 2013 at 12:23 pm (Writing)


Woot for International Writing Week!!! I feel like I finally hit my stride today, so like so many things, my writing required a period of warm-up, I guess. But now I feel like I have a secret key to get going, and I am going to abuse that bad boy until…forever, I guess. How are you all doing–writing, editing, blogging, creating? Love it!

So just as a side note so I’m not the only who just throws in a fake holiday and runs off, I’m actually going to talk about a little bit more today–not much, but yanno. Stuff.

Reading currently? After discovering his awesomeness IRL (Thanks, Kristine!), I am now reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind, which, like any good fantasy, is going to last me a full month!!! That sucker is huge, but the boy has chops, I’ll give him that. Google him and check out anything where his name comes up, especially on YouTube. Boy be wicked funny.

Before that was The Postman by David Brin, who is crazy smart. (This was what the Kevin Costner movie was based on.) Then finally read The Hunger Games (which, if you liked the movie, I say go for it. Pretty damn good representation.) and then a historical fiction first-in-a-trilogy titled The Innocent by Posie Graeme-Evans and I’ve enjoyed them all. Before that I got caught up on my Anita Blakes in preparation for Afflicition coming out this summer. And if you ever need a role model for swinging wide, Laurell K. is it!

Okay, off to do other stuff and maybe write some more. It’s a great day here in Cayne-land!!!



  1. Melissa Blue said,

    I’m writing, but it’s smex and that’s always slow going. Plus, my characters refuse to shut up. But it’s going so no complaints on my end.

    • Pamela Cayne said,

      Hooray for the smexy!!! People think it’s easy to write those scenes, but dang! Not so easy, are they? (I was going to say they’re hard, but without a spew alert, it seemed cruel to your monitor…) 😉

  2. Melissa Blue said,

    lol *wheeze*

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