Eggnog and Holiday Movies

December 19, 2015 at 1:08 pm (Uncategorized)


So here’s the good news–I got a new job. It’s actually a great job and I find myself thinking that jobs don’t necessarily have to equal stressful soul-sucking horror filled with passive-aggressive dickheads and people who get paid way too much and given way more power than they ever deserve.

Sorry. Might still be working through a few issues with the past job. Ahem. Now, onward…

But the good news of the great job also means my time is being taken up more so than usual as I settle into the new job and the new commute and new everything else, and on top of that, it’s the holidays! I do love the holidays, especially Christmas, but my biggest gift this year is going to be some time.

Time to relax, time to recharge, time to read and drink tea and watch traditional holiday movies.


(And I haven’t even mentioned Star Wars…)

Anyhoozles, I’m going to try and do a Christmas post, but for right now know I’m getting geared up in my day job and writing my next dark Victorian romance (and damn, is it good if I say so myself…) and taking a few minutes here and there to listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and drink eggnog.

Happy almost Christmas.

1 Comment

  1. Montana said,

    So happy about your new job, and yeah, it’s time to watch Die Hard again!!!

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