30 Days of Write: Day 5 (Backups and chickens)

May 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm (30 Days of Write)

This post is going to be short and sweet, but one I’m hoping you’ll pay attention to.

Backup your work. Daily. And then, once a week or so, make a backup of your backup and email it to yourself. If you lose your work, you’ll kick yourself so violently that you’ll probably dislocate your hip, all while cursing yourself for not heeding this computer-age old advice. (And if, by chance, you manage to recover a version of it, quickly sacrifice a chicken or something to the appropriate god(s).)

Trust me on this. That’s all I’m saying.

See you tomorrow.

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30 Days of Write: Day 4 (Numbers, a 57 Chevy, and Star Wars)

May 4, 2012 at 10:17 am (30 Days of Write)

Before anything else, I wish you all a Happy Star Wars Day. (May 4th. Get it? May the Fourth be with you?) Oh, I do love that one…

The writing is going well, thank you. I’m a little hesitant to post daily numbers, as I’m already so freaking hard on myself about those damn numbers that the last thing I need is to publicly announce where I am with them. Of course, that attitude could change in a heartbeat, so we’ll see. Right now, my sinuses are driving me crazy, so that lovely pressure headache flirting with my gray matter might be causing me to be a wee bit cranky. But, I am writing and it still feels wonderful, so hooray for that!

And speaking of hoorays, in addition to Kim, we’ve gained a passenger in our Pimped Out 57 Chevy of Blogging–Coffee (or at least, that’s what I call her!) Give them both a little love for calling shotgun on this crazy journey of mine (and let me know if you want to ride along–there’s always room for one more!)

Okay, this is one day I’m calling Friday Light on ye olde blog, but do not let it be said I do not entertain! In honor of Star Wars Day, I give you the following:

(A tubby kitty quoting Jabba? Such a win!)

(Yum…cupcakes! *noms Yoda’s head*)

Call me whatever, I think these rings are kinda cute.

And, what might be my favorite…

The tauntaun sleeping bag!!! 

Perfect for snuggling on the couch!


Reminds me of a favorite Star Wars joke: What’s the internal temperature of a tauntaun? Luke warm! *bwah hah hah*

See you tomorrow…

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30 Days of Write: Day 3 (BICHOK, bacon, and evil)

May 3, 2012 at 1:52 pm (30 Days of Write)

So, that Irish book I was tickled with? Yeah, I wrote ~2500 words (2446 to be exact) on it yesterday. I am certainly thrilled with that progress, but more importantly, I was happy. Like giggling, twirling, laughing kinds of happy. Mental note: I’m happier when I’m writing. Need to remember that… I don’t know if this blog writing primed that pump or the Girls have been more than ready for me to get the whole BICHOK (Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard) going, but either way, it’s working. *blissful sigh*

Another interesting thing about days number 2 and 3, with the exception of 3 pieces of bacon, I was rocking the vegetarian lifestyle. (And the bacon was part of a small celebration last night about the whole writing blitz.) (And it was actually 4 pieces of bacon…) The first day wasn’t by choice, nor was the second, but I could get used to more of this. Now, with the bacon yesterday, I also bought a big-ass steak to start marinading for tomorrow night, so I think the casa is going to be more flexitarian than vegetarian, but hey–it’s a start, right?

And, please take a moment to welcome Kimberly Foley to my kind of crazy. Sounds like there’s going to be another member to this blogging May, but we’ll call her out later. Mwah-hah-hah!!!

Until tomorrow…

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30 Days of Write: Day 2 (The Irish, fried bubble gum, and The Rock)

May 2, 2012 at 9:54 am (30 Days of Write)

So here we are at Day 2. I’m kinda liking this self-imposed task I have for myself. If it goes anything like when I’m working ona story, once I hit a stride, this will be more on the effortless side, like coasting down a hill once you’ve ridden your bike up the other side. We shall see.

And speaking of writing, I have been delighted to re-discover a story I had been working on a few years ago. Man, I had hit my stride with that one–about 30K in 6 weeks. Then work exploded like something from a 80s action movie and it dropped dead. I guess there was a last death rattle or two that added a few thousand words, but I remember those being really hard. And then something else came up (that was delightfully good) so it got put away.

A few days ago something popped into my head that made me think of this story–another one of my dark Victorians but with an Irish cast. As I was in The Place In Between Stories and letting the Girls replenish their creative well, I re-read through what I had written over two years ago.

Dang, it was pretty good! And yes, I’m surprised at that. I thought it’d be like going back to any past book and cringing over how far you’ve come since then, but either I haven’t grown or I was ahead of myself then. (Delusion–it’s what’s for dinner.) Regardless of the details, I found myself excited to pick up this story again. So I have. Sure, the writing chops are a little rusty, and picking up a story half-written is like wiggling into a pair of Spanx, but it feels good to be writing again. In fact, it feels so good that I’ve set a few soft goals for myself just to get myself back into fighting shape. (And no, I’m not going to share. Then I’d have to be *gasp* accountable for them!) But, I do promise to keep you updated.

And, for something fun this morning, I give you something near and dear to my heart–fair food. (I like mine fried, but as I’ve always said, you could fry dirt and I’d probably eat it.) I’m curious about #10 (pizza cones), #11 (fried Coke), would love to try #18–fried avocados, but I think my foodgasm would happen with #21–fried Snickers bars. *insert Homer drool sounds*  Some of them do sound pretty nasty to me, but I think the top of the list would be #17–fried bubble gum. I don’t know if it’s the sound of it, the look of it (Pepto pink! Blue silly string frosting! Chicklet sprinkles!) or just the overall wrongness of it. (Yes, even more than #24–fried butter.)

And,  to wrap up Day 2, let’s all say happy birthday to The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson.) If you’re not following him on Twitter, you’re missing a pretty awesome cheerleader.

See you tomorrow.

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30 Days of Write: Day 1 (Chutzpah, dragons, and Spock)

May 1, 2012 at 8:02 am (30 Days of Write)


Bunny, bunny. There, got the first order of business out of the way and the month started off on a good note. *pshew*

Now, to business, a.k.a. The Ground Rules.

For a while now, I’ve thought about doing a month of blogging. Now, mind you, this isn’t necessarily deep, long, scintillating blogging, full of witticisms, layers of chutzpah (did I get that right, Melina and Karen?), and, at times, an ennui worthy of Brummell himself, this is guerilla blogging.

So for 30 days I’m going to toss out topics, thoughts, photos, events and whatever else strikes my fancy. My goal here is quantity, not quality. (Yeesh, what a horrible thing to admit for a writer!) Heck, if nothing else, it gets the gears oiled, right?

So let’s start with something basic–what I’m currently reading. I’ve got two books going now–one on my Kindle and one in paperback. (Actually, I’ve got a couple of research books going that I’m really loving, but I’ll save those for another post. Gotta pace myself, you know.)

Book #1 is The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner. You can check out the link for a thumbnail about the book and its author, but yeah, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. And somehow, I’ve found it oddly fascinating. It doesn’t read like a Friday the 13th movie–actually very little of much other than somebody was beheaded or hung, but the cultural aspects are, as much as I hate to use this word again, fascinating.

Is it just me, or am I starting to sound a little like Spock here?

The second book is Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb.  This is Fantasy with a capital OMG-when-she-said-Here-Be-Dragons-she-wasn’t-kidding. It’s my first pure/hard core/high fantasy book probably since I read The Hobbit in eighth grade, as much as I was a total dragon girl way back then. I’ve had trouble with some of the more traditional Sci Fi/Fantasy stories because it’s hard for me to ground myself in a world where I have little to ground myself with, but, I heard Robin speak in March and got to speak to her at the RT Convention in April (more posts there, too) and she was so full of awesomesauce, I had to try her books. So far, I’m only about 2 chapters in and I’m liking it. I’ll keep you updated as the month progresses.

Okay, that’s good enough for now. I’ve got the month off to a solid start and for the day after a Monday, not too shabby.

P.S. Yeah, I know May has 31 days. You either get a bonus day or I get a day off. With apologies to Steve Niles, the 30 Days of Write title was too good not to use.

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