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DSC07931In high school I played French horn, electric bass, and trombone. I broke Andie McDowell’s house. I have a scar on the back of my head where a motor dropped on it when I was eight. (Don’t go there.) I’d rather go to Newfoundland than Hawaii. I collect vintage compacts and cigarette holders. My first concert was REO Speedwagon and my most recent was Mumford & Sons. I am a crazy huge Doctor Who fan. In another life I’d be an auto mechanic. I completely suck at knitting and crocheting and have a scar to prove it. I would love to be a professional student. I don’t have any tattoos…yet.

And I’m a writer. For historical romance, I’m published with Carina Press (THE DSC01733FIGHTER AND THE FALLEN WOMAN) and I also have a high-octane thriller (TARANTINO CINDERELLA) I’m trying to introduce to the world and, yeah, like any author, a secret project or two. (Think the world of comic-cons for a start, but that probably doesn’t surprise you given my selfie with Stan in the opening paragraph…) I also probably drink way too much tea for one person, especially when I’m writing but if you ask me, life is perfect.

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  1. Alayne said,

    Ohhh – Taco Johns Potato Oles…with the house dressing to dip them in…and their taco burgers…unfortunately – I can’t get them here in Chandler, AZ…I have to wait ’til I go home to Cheyenne, Wy…and then I have them once a day since I don’t get back very often!

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